UMass Requirements

UMass Requirements

The General Education Program at UMass Amherst offers students a unique opportunity to develop critical thinking, communication, and learning skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. Click here for more information.

  • All students are required to complete the Gen Ed experience; requirements can be found under the Fulfilling the Requirements section.

  • It may be helpful to review the curriculum areas as you plan your Gen Ed experience.

  • Your Academic Requirements Report, accessed through SPIRE, shows your progress in meeting graduation requirements, including Gen Ed courses.

  • You may not take Gen Ed courses as pass/fail.

  • You may use only one major department course for a Gen Ed requirement (visit the Registrar's webpage for the full explanation).

  • For a listing of courses available each semester, visit the Course Offerings webpage.

For assistance with Gen Ed courses:

  • All students are welcome to visit Academic Advising Link in the Learning Commons of Du Bois Library.

  • If you have declared a major, your academic advisor may help you select Gen Ed courses to complement your major. See the Advising section of this website for departmental listing of advisors.

  • If you are undeclared, you should consult your advisor at Undergraduate Advising.

  • Domestic exchange (including Five College) students with questions about Gen Ed should consult the Domestic Exchange Program.

  • International exchange students should consult the International Programs Office.

  • Transfer students and students who enrolled in the University prior to 2002 should consult the Registrar's Office for information on Gen Ed requirements.

Integrative Experience (IE)

The Integrative Experience (IE) requirement at UMass Amherst addresses the challenges associated with educational fragmentation. Positioned in the upper-division, the IE provides students with a structured opportunity to look back on their early college learning experiences, reflect upon and make connections between those earlier experiences and the more advanced work in their major, and use their integrated learning to prepare for the demands of the world beyond the University. Click here for more information.