SBS Committees

Personnel Committee

The SBS Personnel Committee has many annual duties as well as some case-by-case responsibilities. Each year, the committee is tasked with reviewing: exceptional merit awards (September); faculty tenure (November); promotion cases (January); and mini tenure cases (March). A sub-committee of the Personnel Committee meets in April to handle Periodic Multi-Year Review cases. Additionally, the committee reviews tenure with hire cases based on the hire date throughout the year and it reviews distinguished professorship cases based on when the individual cases are received throughout the year, if at all.

Name Title & Department Email Phone
Krista Harper Associate Professor - Anthropology 413.577.0661
Benjamin Bailey Associate Professor - Communication 413.545.2522
Leda Cooks Professor - Communication 413.545.2895
Lisa Saunders Associate Professor - Economics 413.545.0546
Léonce Ndikumana Andrew Glyn Professor - Economics 413.545.1340
Elisabeth Hamin Associate Professor - LARP 413.577.4490
John Brigham Professor - Political Science 413.545.0450
Naomi Gerstel Professor - Sociology 413.545.5976
Elizabeth Chilton Associate Dean for Research and Programs- Anthropology 413.545.5939
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Graduate Directors Council

The Graduate Directors Council coordinates Methods course offerings and works together to support the SBS graduate student experience.

Name Title & Department Email Phone
Peter Haas Professor - Political Science 413.545.6174
Jarice Hanson Professor - Communication 413.545.3519
Brigitte Holt Associate Professor - Anthropology 413.545.0697
Arslan Razmi

Associate Professor - Economics 413.577.0785
Henry Renski Associate Professor - Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning 413.545.6638

John Spraggon

Associate Professor - Resource Economics 413.545.6651
Millie Thayer Associate Professor - Sociology 413.545.3577
John Hird Committee Chair / Senior Associate Dean - SBS 413.545.7187
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Instructional Innovation Committee

The Instructional Innovation Committee is charged with enhancing and improving instruction and student learning in SBS.

Name Title & Department Email Phone
Julie Caswell Professor - Resource Economics 413.545.5735
Mark Hamin Senior Lecturer - LARP 413.545.6608
Jarice Hanson Communication 413.545.3519
Raymond La Raja Associate Professor - Political Science 413.545.6182
Karen List Chair - Journalism 413.545.0546
Marta Murray-Close Assistant Professor - Economics 413.545.3412
Karen Schoenberger Assistant Dean - SBS 413.545.1753
Donald Tomaskovic-Devey Professor - Sociology 413.545.4070
Jackie Urla Anthropology    
John Hird Committee Chair / Senior Associate Dean - SBS 413.545.7187
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Dean's Research Council

The Dean's Research Council offers three categories of grants to support research activities and career development. All ranks of tenure track faculty are eligible to apply to each category, and lecturers are eligible for the travel and conference/visitor grants. Applications to more than one category of award are allowed. A strong preference is given to generating new research activity. Applications are solicited twice per year and are due by electronic submission on October 1, 2013, and March 1, 2014.

Click here for more information about the grants available.

Name Title & Department Email Phone
Elizabeth Chilton Associate Dean for Research and Programs - Anthropology 413.545.5939
Lynnette Sievert Professor - Anthropology 413.545.1379
Donal Carbaugh Professor - Communication 413.545.3585
James Boyce Professor - Economics 413.577.0816
Melissa Wooten Assistant Professor - Sociology 413.545.0577
Darrel Ramsey-Musolf Assistant Professor - LARP 413.545.6619
Maryann Barakso Associate Professor - Political Science 413.545.4363
Sheila Mammen Professor - Resource Economics 413.545.2470
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