Power Up for College Success Program Scholarship

The Power Up Scholarship was created and is supported by contributions from alumni of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and provides support for incoming first-year students to participate in the Power Up for College Success Program. Information about the Power Up program can be found here.

Eligibility: Applying students MUST be entering freshman or transfer students with sophomore status. Students must have demonstrated financial need as determined by the UMass Amherst Office of Financial Aid. 

Selection: Based on completion of the application, which includes a short essay, a scholarship committee will select the recipients who will be notified by August 8, 2016. Approximately ten awards will be made and these will cover the full cost of the Power Up for College Success Program, including course materials and rooming fees.

Deadline to apply: Friday July 22, 2016

The recipients of this award will be expected to write a thank-you letter to the donors of the Power UP Scholarship.

Contact: Susan McDonough, Assistant Director of External Affairs

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Draper Hall
40 Campus Center Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9244
Phone: 413.577.1202
Fax: 413.577.0905
Email: scholarships@sbs.umass.edu

Personal Information
Statement and Essay
Please write a brief statement of financial need (no more than 250 words), which explains why you would benefit from this scholarship. You might consider discussing the following points: 1) How are you planning to finance your education? What are your sources of financial aid? Help from family? Student loans or private loans? Working a part-time job? 2) What difficulties are you facing in paying for your education? Are there circumstances in your family or personal situation that the committee should consider when making these awards?
Please write a brief essay (no more than 300 words) that describes what you hope to gain from the Power Up for College Success program and how you believe it will help you succeed at UMass Amherst. Note: Before you enter your text into the online form, you may wish to write the essay separately and then paste it into the space provided.
File Uploads
Please include a current résumé that lists academic achievements, student activities and employment that you would like the selection committee to know about. Files should be in .pdf, .jpg or Word format.
By completing this application I declare that the information included is true and complete. If I am selected as a recipient of this award, I give my permission to share select information with the donor of the scholarship.