Current Students

Cultural Immersion Satisfies Student Leader

“UMass is a big place, and it’s true you can get lost in the crowd,” says Abel Ortiz ’11 (anthropology/Spanish), who will be graduating after the fall semester. “But as soon as you find that balance between classes and extracurricular activities, that’s when you really love being on campus.

Improving Lives, One Puppy at a Time

Animal lover Emily White ’12 (sociology) of Upton, MA, has been on the prowl for a career path that involves animals and makes a difference in people’s lives. “I’ve seen how relationships between people and dogs can be mutually beneficial,” she says, “and it occurred to me that the service dog field might be what I’m looking for.

Photojournalist, GI Bill Student Reflects on War Experience

“People often ask for advice on how to become a ‘war photographer,"” says Ben Brody ’12 (journalism), who has been embedded in the Middle East several times and is attending UMass on the GI Bill. “There’s no good answer, everyone has a unique story—no standardized career path will lead you to the heart of darkness.”

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Lays Groundwork for Future Work

Before coming to UMass, Sean Donovan ’11 (social thought and political economy) attended Hampshire College, pursuing a self-designed major in political theory and architecture. Through the Five College Consortium he became involved in a joint activist and academic program at UMass and discovered several innovative programs, like STPEC.

Scholarships Allow Access to Undergraduate Opportunities

“UMass wasn’t my first choice when I began the college application process,” Claire Bronchuk ’12 (political science/business management) admits. “But, after weighing all of my options, UMass was the best fit, especially because several private schools I was considering didn’t offer adequate financial aid. In the end, I chose UMass for its diverse range of academic departments, as well as the extracurricular activities, including Marching Band.