Alumni Profiles

Alum to Offer Social Skills Course in August

This summer alumnus Benjamin Happ '98 (psychology) will offer a blended course intended to help juniors, seniors and recent alumni become better equipped to survive in the job market.

Alum Lawyer Credits UMass with Nurturing Lifelong Negotiation Skills

“I’ve spent a lot of time with people who attended places like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Dartmouth, and I can say without a doubt that I was as prepared academically as they were,” says Lynn Robitaille Garcia ’97 (STPEC), general counsel of the Texas Forensic Science Commission. “In fact, I was better prepared to negotiate stressful situations and difficult interpersonal relationships than many of my colleagues because of my UMass experiences.”

"The News Never Sleeps"—And Neither Does News Anchor Haynes '94

“I am a TV news anchor at Fox 5 in Atlanta,” says Tom Haynes ’94 (political science). “And trust me, every bit of what I do in my job today was cultivated during my four years at UMass.” Moving from an Intro to American Politics or Political Theory course to TV may not seem like an obvious step for political science majors. But that’s exactly what happened for Haynes.


Bateman Scholar Knobloch Addresses Strategy for Low-Carbon Future

Kevin Knobloch '78 (journalism), president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, was this year's Eleanor Bateman Scholar in Residence on campus. In his public address, "Needed: Skillful capitalists to lead us to a low-carbon future" he explained the processes by which he achieved results on a wide range of environmental and national security issues—such as renewable energy, nuclear weapons, forest management and corporate responsibility—by working with scientists, legislators, industry leaders and delegations to the United Nations. Watch a brief video with Knobloch. View pictures on Flickr.

Writing for the Environment

Like many alumni, Emily Zimmerman ’09 (political science/English) recognizes the value of internships. In fact, her current career – speechwriter and public affairs specialist for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – began with an internship at the EPA during her senior year at UMass.

Legal Studies Alum Focuses on Music, Law, and International Social Justice

“International social justice work is not an easy path,” says Michael Otto ’03 (legal studies), “but it is often very exciting and rewarding!” Otto, who helped to found Tiny Toones, a non-profit organization which uses music to empower at-risk youth in Cambodia, says his major helped to make much of his social justice work possible.

The Case of the Vanishing Policy Memo

Derek Khanna '09 (political science) made big news this month in Washington related to "an incredibly bold copyright reform memo" he wrote for the Republican Study Committee. “Three Myths About Copyright Law and Where To Start To Fix It” was released on 11/16 and retracted the next day for a variety of reasons, but not because Khanna isn't well-versed in the subject. The Slate article, which discusses Khanna's points, concludes, "[His] suggestion that Republicans should view copyright less as a kind of 'property' and more as a kind of regulation is a fascinating move on the coalitional chessboard. For now it seems too hot for the Republican Party. But if they’re smart, they’ll think twice."

Financial Expert Cliggott Joins Economics Department

This fall Doug Cliggott ’78 (economics), who has had a luminous career in financial services, most recently as U.S. Equity Strategist for Credit Suisse in Boston, has joined the Economics Department as a lecturer. In addition to teaching, Cliggott will host an alumni webinar series and serve as an advisor/mentor for economics students interested in careers in finance.

Following the Fight: Dan Lamothe '04 Reflects

Dan Lamothe '04 (journalism), an award-winning senior writer with Marine Corps Times, describes his experience reporting from the battlefield.

Alum Goldman Leads Marketing/Publicity at Jim Henson Company

Nicole Goldman '93 (communication) discusses her career with Amy Chaunt '13 (journalism) on UVC-TV.