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Dean's Research Council | Task Force on Student Success and Advising

College Personnel Committee

The SBS Personnel Committee has many annual duties as well as some case-by-case responsibilities. Each year, the committee is tasked with reviewing: exceptional merit awards (September); faculty tenure (November); promotion cases (January); and mini tenure cases (March). A sub-committee of the Personnel Committee meets in April to handle Periodic Multi-Year Review cases. Additionally, the committee reviews tenure with hire cases based on the hire date throughout the year and it reviews distinguished professorship cases based on when the individual cases are received throughout the year. After the Personnel Committee review level, the cases are then reviewed separately by the Dean and the Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development.

Name Title & Department Phone
Brigitte Holt Associate Professor - Anthropology 413.577.0697
Anne Ceicko Professor - Communication 413.545.2895
Christian Rojas Professor - Economics 413.545.2496
Ralph Whitehead  Professor - Journalism 413.545.5921
Elizabeth Brabec Professor - LARP 413.545.2255
Brian Schaffner Professor - Political Science 413.545.6187 
Tom Juravich​ Professor - Sociology 413.545.4069
John Stranlund Professor - Resource Economics 413.545.6328
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Graduate Directors Council

The Graduate Directors Council coordinates Methods course offerings and works together to support the SBS graduate student experience.

Name Department/Program Phone
Betsy Krause Anthropology 413.577.1205
Leda Cooks Communication 413.545.2895

Mwangi wa Githinji

Economics 413.545.0739
Ethan Carr

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

Henry Renski PhD Regional Planning 413.545.6638

Mark Hamin

Master of Regional Planning (MRP) 413.545.6608
Ellen Pader MRP/law dual degree 413.545.6620
Robert Ryan MRP/MLA dual degree program 413.545.6633
Tatishe Nteta Political Science 413.545.3546

Lee Badgett 
Satu Zoller

School of Public Policy and Administration 413.545.3162
John Spraggon Resource Economics 413.545.6651
Joya Misra Sociology 413.545.3577
Eve Weinbaum Labor Studies 413.577.0458
Jen Lundquist, Chair Associate Dean for Faculty Development 413.545.5977
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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is charged with enhancing and improving instruction and student learning in SBS.

Name Title & Department Phone
Sonya Atalay​ Anthropology 413.545.2652
Satu Zoller School of Public Policy and Administration 413.545.2714
Benjamin Bailey Communication 413.545.2522
J. Kevin Crocker Economics 413.545.0954
Razvan Sibii Journalism 413.545.5926
Patricia McGirr LARP & Sustainable Community Development 413.545.6621
Paul Collins Political Science - Legal Studies 413.545.4079
Jesse Rhodes Political Science 413.545.6185
Bernie Morzuch Resource Economics 413.545.5718
Carolyn Bassett SBS Exploratory Track 413.577.1057
Jonathan Wynn​ Sociology 413.545.4073
Sigrid Schmalzer​​ STPEC 413.545.6776
Julie Caswell Associate Dean for Education and Student Development 413.577.1203
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Dean's Research Council

The Dean's Research Council organizes the Social Science Matters speaker series annually. The Council also offers two categories of grants to support research each year. A strong preference is given to generating a new research project or a new direction within an existing project. Priority in most cases is given to those projects that are likely to lead to external foundation or government funding; however, SBS also supports high-quality, meritorious research for which opportunities for extramural funding are limited. All ranks of tenure track faculty and lecturers whose major responsibilities include research are eligible to apply to both categories. The fall deadline is on October 15, 2015 and the Spring deadline is March 11, 2016.

Click here for more information about the grants available.

Name Title & Department
Laurel Smith-Doerr, Co-chair Director of ISSR
Jennifer Lundquist, Co-chair Associate Dean for Research
Julie Hemment Associate Professor - Anthropology
Gonen Dori-Hacohen Assistant Professor - Communication
Marta Vicarelli Assistant Professor - School of Public Policy and Administration
Vamsi Vakulabharanam Associate Professor - Economics
Steven A Boutcher Assistant Professor - Sociology
Elisabeth Hamin Professor - LARP
Brenda Bushouse​ Associate Professor - Political Science
Nathalie Lavoie​ Associate Professor - Resource Economics
Kathy Forde Associate Professor, Chair - Journalism

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Task Force on Student Success and Advising

Associate Dean for Education and Student Development Julie Caswell is leading a group of faculty and staff to review and recommend changes to student success and advising programs college-wide. This includes development of the SBS Academic Advisor/Faculty Mentor advising model, the SBS Advising Resource Center, and the SBS Pathways approach to promoting student success. 

Name Title & Department Phone
Julie Caswell, chair Associate Dean for Education and Student Development 413.545.5735
Carolyn Bassett Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising 413.577.1057
Jackie Brousseau-Pereira Director of Student Success and Retention 413.545.3519
Diane Curtis Director of Pre-Law Advising 413.577.0396
Vanessa Blais Associate Director, SBS Advising Resource Center​ 413.577.1057
Lynn Phillips Chief Undergraduate Advisor (Communication) 413.545.3539
Raz Sibii Chief Undergraduate Advisor (Journalism) 413.545.1753
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