FEBRUARY 3-5, 2012


Professor Klock and Claude Delangle following Claude's recital.

Claude Delangle in recital.

Claude and Professor Klock playing the Hindemith Concertstuck.

Frank Rosso, Claude, James Provost, and Professor Klock.

Frank (Selmer Representative) and James (Owner of Gerry's Music) were the primary sponsors that made Claude's visit possible. 

Claude with Professors Lynn and Laura Klock

Claude with Professor Klock's Graduate Teaching Assistants, Aaron Stewart and Mat Schumer.

Claude with the accompanists for his recital, Professor Nadine Shank and Scott Bailey.

Claude's masterclass with the UMass quartet of Jeff Soffer, Mat Schumer, Karalyn Aprill, and Anthony Cincotta.


Claude demonstrating within the quartet.

Quartet listening intently to Claude's inspirational words.

Claude working with the Freshmen Quartet, Erik Anundson, Benjamin Portet, Tyler Appel, and Zach Robarge.

Claude demonstrating within the Freshman Quartet.

Claude working with Jeff Soffer playing Ryo Noda's Mai.

Claude working with the UMass Quartet, Rebecca Fielder, Aaron Stewart, Michael Caudill, and David Morris.

Claude reacting to Mat Schumer's and Scott Bailey's performance of the Maslanka Sonata.

Claude spending time with the University of Massachusetts Amherst Saxophone Class Sunday afternoon.

Claude with the Saxophone Class and Professor Klock after a wonderful afternoon of sharing ideas and thoughts.