Student-Athlete Conduct Policy

The Athletic Department at the University of Massachusetts encourages and promotes positive conduct for student-athletes and provides support services to assist student-athletes with the challenging decisions of college life. Participation in UMass Athletics is a privilege and student-athlete conduct reflects on the University, Athletic Department and can impact on the Community at large.

Student-athletes shall AT ALL TIMES reflect the high standards of honor and dignity that characterize participation in athletics at the University of Massachusetts. They are expected to comply with all policies and rules as prescribed by the NCAA, Atlantic 10, Hockey East and the ECAC.

All student-athletes are subject to prosecution and applicable disciplinary action for any violation of state, local and federal law. In addition, student-athletes are subject to disciplinary action within the University system for violations of rules and regulations, including but not limited to those against academic dishonesty, hazing, sexual harassment, alcohol or drug use, bribery and illicit gambling.

Student-athletes who are charged for violation of any of the above laws, rules, or regulations may be subject to immediate disciplinary action by the athletic director pending the final resolution of any allegations. Such sanctions may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Verbal reprimand
  2. Verbal or written warning
  3. Suspension from practice or competition
  4. Suspension from all student-athlete privileges

The student-athlete may appeal the Athletic Director’s decision. The basis of the appeal will be limited to the appropriateness of the Athletic Director’s sanction.

An appeals committee, chaired by the Faculty Athletic Representative, will consist of a representative from the Dean of Student’s Office and the Senior Women’s Administrator. The hearing will be conducted within seven business days and a written decision will be provided to the student-athlete within two working days of the hearing. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE APPEALS COMMITTEE ARE FINAL.