Faculty & Staff

Information for Faculty

The athletic department considers academics the essential part of a student's college career. Our department has established academic guidelines to assist the student-athlete in successfully completing academic objectives while also balancing an athletic career.

As an athletic department within an academic institution, our mission is two-fold. Our first task is to maintain a high level of academic excellence which generates an even higher rate of graduation than the total student population. Secondly, our mission is to provide an atmosphere within which each student-athlete can be successful academically while also enjoying a positive athletic experience at the University. Our hope is to combine their goals in a positive environment in support of the University's mission.

Our responsibilities include monitoring the satisfactory academic progress of each athlete from enrollment through graduation. Providing and monitoring study halls, securing tutors, utilizing the various programs on campus, and establishing realistic graduation tracks are all ways in which we offer support to our athletes. Parameters of remaining academic requirements within each college of the University, as well as those requirements established by the NCAA, are followed. Please keep in mind that each student-athlete has a signed release on file which gives us permission to discuss educational information with each professor.

Several times throughout the course of the academic year, student-athletes will be asked to be excused due to athletic participation. During these athletic outings, each student-athlete is a representative of the University of Massachusetts. Our department will provide the student-athletes with a list of excused dates to be given to each professor. Our staff conscientiously reminds student-athletes of their responsibility to course objectives and requirements, encouraging each student-athlete to make arrangements with instructors for make-up assignments. You may also receive progress reports throughout the semester, which allow us to track our athletes' academic careers and ensure that they are fulfilling their course responsibilities.

Please note that coaches and staff of the athletic department, other than the Academic Support Staff, are not allowed to directly contact a faculty member regarding issues related to student-athlete(s) academic concerns.

Mission Statement

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst is committed to the sponsorship of a broad-based regionally and nationally competitive athletics program as an integral part of the educational mission of the University. 

The Intercollegiate Athletics Department strives to inspire champions today and prepare leaders for tomorrow by providing a comprehensive, challenging, professionally-managed Intercollegiate Athletics program that encourages student-athletes to achieve their highest academic, athletic and personal aspirations. 

Programs sponsored by the University adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. The Intercollegiate Athletics Department promotes principles of good sportsmanship, honesty and fiscal responsibility in compliance with university, state, NCAA, and conference regulations.

The Department promotes and supports the University’s comprehensive commitment to diversity and equity, providing equitable opportunity for all students and staff including women and minorities.