Current EAs

Educational Assistant Expectations

  • Attend a specific Educational Assistant training
  • Attend the general tutor training with Tutorial Coordinator
  • Follow all guidelines in the Educational Assistance Manual
  • Conduct their appointments in accordance with the Educational Assistance Appointment Agenda
  • Follow planner and binder organization directions/guidelines
  • Complete and follow-through with the student’s “Weekly To Do” lists
  • Structure and facilitate study sessions
  • Evaluate student progress
  • Maintain weekly or daily communication with the Academic Councilor(s) and Learning Specialist
  • Monitor overall educational progress
  • Be advised about all NCAA compliance rules
  • Work with student-athletes in the Academic Enhancement Center (never at any other location)
  • Submit timely online reports for every appointment on the GradesFirst system
  • Approve their weekly payrolls online on the GradesFirst system
  • Educational Assistants will be professional at all times


The Educational Assistance Manual

The Educational Assistance (EA) Manual contains the guidelines and requirements necessary for Educational Assistants to:

  • Conduct their appointments with Student-Athletes
  • Submit their hours and timesheets
  • Handle the various situations that may come up during the course of their work with student-athletes
  • Contact appropriate members of the Academic Support Services staff for various situations


The EA Manual is intended to be a resource to EAs – it contains the answers to common problems and frequently asked questions. The EA Manual also provides material for in-session activities as well as various learning, studying, and test-taking techniques. 


Download a copy of the EA manual (pdf)