Educational Assistants

What is an Educational Assistant?

The Educational Assistant (EA) position is the highest tier of peer academic support offered by Academic Support Services. Educational Assistants have a very important role in the academic success of those student-athletes identified as “at-risk” for academic difficulties due to a learning disability or learning deficiency.  Educational Assistants provide the student-athlete with a structured learning program.  They will guide the student-athlete through their course work, provide skill building instruction when a deficiency is noted, monitor their progress, provide customized instruction, and coordinate all educational services provided to the student-athlete.   In their role as an educational specialist to student-athletes, Educational Assistants will:

  • Serve as an academic mentor
  • Model appropriate behavior for learning
  • Teach study skills including: time management, organization, and academic skills
  • Provide direct instruction
  • Maintain a constant educational relationship with students
  • Ensure that the student is receiving the appropriate and necessary services needed to facilitate learning (specialized tutoring)
  • Act as a liaison between Academic Counselor, Learning Specialist and student with regard to a student’s learning style and needs