Maroon Connections

Maroon Connections is a series of activities and events related to college success and career development. Some of the key objectives include creating an educational plan, defining career goals, developing a leadership identity, and transitioning out of the Student-Athlete role.

Each semester, student-athletes are required to attend one mandatory event that corresponds to the key objectives of their class level. Recent events have included a Resume Boot Camp for sophomores, a Student-Athlete Career Forum for juniors, and an Ettiquette Dinner for Seniors.


Maroon Connections Four-Year Outline




Key Objectives



  • Academic Preparation
  • Self Knowledge/Career Exploration
  • Introduction to Resources
  •  Your Winning Season 1-credit class – Fall semester
  • Complete online career assessment & major exploration exercises
  • Register on and connect with a mentor
  • Attend a majors fair if undecided or attend an event in your major
  • College Success seminar – Spring semester


  • Create Educational Plan
  • Define/Narrow Career Goals
  • Leadership Identity
  • Resume Boot Camp – Fall semester
  • Declare major
  • Attend an internship information session at Career Services
  • Leadership seminar – Spring semester


  • Finalize Graduation Timeline
  • Hands-On Career Experience
  • Personal Development
  • Networking/interviewing workshop – Fall semester
  • Complete graduation timeline contract
  • Update resume
  • Attend a career fair
  • Arrange an internship
  • Personal Development seminar – Spring semester


  • Transitioning out of Student-Athlete Role
  • Professional Skills
  • Graduation
  • Post-Graduation Transitions seminar – Fall semester
  • Finalize resume and upload to
  • Meet with a professional mentor
  • Complete Graduation Checklist in Academic Services
  • Visit on-campus Career Services for a mock interview
  • Attend an etiquette dinner