Media Relations

The UMass Athletic Media Relations office is located in 290 Boyden. The staff handles communication between the Athletic Department, the media and fans. Each of the 21 varsity sports is assigned a Media Relations staff member, who serves as the contact person for sport.

UMass athletic teams enjoy tremendous exposure in publications such as the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Springfield Republican and the Daily Hampshire Gazette. In addition, the Media Relations staff interacts daily with TV, radio stations, and websites throughout the Commonwealth, around the nation and with media outlets in the hometowns of UMass student-athletes.

In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities that go along with promoting a nationally-recognized 21-sport athletic program, the Media Relations staff is responsible for the UMass Athletics Web site, production of UMass video & television broadcasts, and developing and maintaining the historical archives of the athletic department.

Important things to remember when dealing with the media

  • Be prepared;
  • Be positive;
  • Praise your teammates;
  • Keep your answers short and simple;
  • Smile;
  • Be enthusiastic;
  • Be personable;
  • Be available and cooperative;
  • Be polite in difficult situations;
  • Turn negatives into positives;
  • If you have concerns about your privacy being violated, or with the general tone of the interview, please let the Media Relations staff know as soon as possible.

Important things to remember when using Social Media

Even if you have your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts set to private, please exercise caution and awareness with what you place or allow to be placed on the Internet.

Remember that in this Digital Age, what you say, or are shown to be doing, on the Internet can damage your reputation, affect your ability to be hired, or have negative consequences on your team and teammates.

People will perceive you by not just how you interact with them in reality, but also in how you are portrayed online – either by your own words or those of others.