Sports Medicine

The Athletic Injury Care staff at the University of Massachusetts consists of six full-time certified athletic trainers and three certified graduate assistant athletic trainers. It also consists of two primary care physicians, who are assigned to University Health Services, five orthopedic surgeons and various participating specialists retained through University Health Services. The team physicians have years of experience in the recognition, evaluation and treatment of injuries incurred by student-athletes.

Reporting of Injuries

When an injury or illness occurs during the course of an athletic event, practice, or travel, the team’s certified athletic trainer should be notified. If necessary, the certified athletic trainer will notify the appropriate medical authorities for further diagnosis and definitive treatment. In case of emergency during the hours when a certified athletic trainer is not on duty, or is unavailable, student-athletes can seek immediate treatment from University Health Services or at the nearest hospital, but must notify the Athletic Injury Care staff at the first appropriate opportunity. All head coaches and assistants are expected to comply with the Department of Athletics medical policies in both spirit and intent.


UMass has four Athletic Injury Care facilities located around campus that accommodate the various needs of our athletic teams that practice and compete at these locations. The Boyden athletic training room, Room 20 located on the bottom floor of Boyden, is open every day from 7am to 7pm.

Rehabilitation of Injuries

The Boyden athletic training room is open from 7am to 3:30pm for specific rehabilitation time. The periods are by appointment only. Student-athletes should call 545-0094 to schedule an appointment.


All medical and health related information is strictly confidential. All medical records are also maintained at University Health Services (UHS).