Winter & Summer Financial Aid Request

Winter Session and Summer Session financial aid is available to student-athletes pending approval of the Committee on Athletic Aid. It is not automatically granted. The NCAA allows student-athletes to receive the same percentage of financial aid in the Winter/Summer sessions as they did during the preceding regular academic year/term.  IF YOU ARE NOT ON ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP, YOU CANNOT RECEIVE WINTER SESSION/SUMMER SESSION AID.

You must apply for Winter/Summer aid before the end of the preceding regular academic term according to the specified dates, usually 4 weeks prior to the end of the term. The application requires you to list the classes you would like to take and provide an explanation for why you need those particular credits.

Student-athletes who average less than 15 credits per term and/or have multiple failures, incompletes or withdrawals may not be awarded aid. If you are awarded summer or winter athletic aid and fail to pass the class or withdraw from the class without the permission of the Associate Athletics Director for Academic Support Services, your aid will be withdrawn (i.e. we will not pay for the class(es).)

**Note for International Students:  Your International Tax may be affected by taking winter/summer courses.  You will be responsible for paying the difference in tax.**

If you are currently on Athletic Scholarship, you may complete the online application below:



Personal Information
Academic Information
Course(s) Requested (ex: ANTHRO 100, 54321, 4, 1...)