Financial Aid

Athletics Financial Aid

A full scholarship is based on tuition, required fees, room, board and use of books. The room rate is for a double room and the board plan is for 19 meals per week. If a student-athlete lives off-campus, the room and board award is the cash equivalent of the on-campus award.

If you have been awarded a partial scholarship, the money will be credited to your account and applied to your University bill prior to any cash release.

Athletics financial aid is awarded for either a term or for the academic year.

Where approved, summer school awards are applied separately and may not exceed the percentage of scholarship award given during the academic year.

Winter session attendance is based on approval from the Committee on Athletics Aid and recommendations from the coach and from the athletics academic services department.

Remember that financial aid is awarded from the Financial Aid Office based on recommendations from the athletics department, however, billing and distribution of the money is handled through the Bursar’s Office.

Athletics Aid may be renewed annually upon the recommendation of the coach, but in no case may a student-athlete receive more than five years of aid.

Athletics Aid may be cancelled during the year if:

  • You render yourself ineligible;
  • You have misrepresented yourself or presented fraudulent information;
  • You have been found by the University and the Department to have committed an act of gross misconduct;
  • You voluntarily withdraw from your team.