Study Skills

Time Management

  • Write all assignment due dates, test dates and competition dates in your planner;
  • Make a daily and weekly "things-to-do" list;
  • Prioritize your lists and check the items once they are completed;
  • Reserve some fixed daily periods for study.

Notetaking Tips

  • Write down meaningful statements of thought. They can be short sentences, phrases or outlines of major points, but try not to write down everything;
  • Keep a separate notebook for each class;
  • Keep notes neat and well organized.

Study Skills

  • Study in a place free from distractions;
  • Study in a certain place at a scheduled time;
  • Review each day's lecture as soon after class as possible.

Test-Taking Tips

  • Prepare well in advance;
  • Keep up day-to-day to avoid last minute cramming;
  • Get a good night’s sleep–be rested and alert;
  • Stop studying an hour or so before the test, relax and compose yourself;
  • Know the time and place of the test and what you need to bring;
  • Don't talk about the test with classmates immediately beforehand, if you know it raises your anxiety level;
  • Read over the test and plan your approach;
  • Ascertain point values per section, time limits for each section, which questions you'll start with, etc.;
  • If needed, ask for clarification from the professor, teaching assistant or proctor.

Other Tips for Academic Success

  • ATTEND CLASS, develop strong relationships with instructors and classmates, ask questions and get help when you need it!

From: Student-Athlete Retention Program, USA Group, and Learning Support Services at the University of Massachusetts.