Expectations Agreement

In order to ensure satisfactory progress, maintain eligibility, and receive continuing support from our staff, student-athletes should adhere to the following expectations:

  1. The NCAA mandates student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits at all times during the Fall and Spring semesters;
  2. The NCAA also requires student-athletes earn a minimum of 24 credits per year, with a maximum of six credits to be earned during the summer term;
  3. Student-athletes are expected to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA at all times;
  4. Aside from absences due to competition, student-athletes are expected to attend all lectures, discussions and labs;
  5. Student-athletes are expected to make appropriate arrangements with instructors to make up missed tests and other assignments due to athletic travel;
  6. Student-athletes are expected to maintain contact with their assigned academic advisor in Student-Athlete Services and keep him or her informed of any current or upcoming academic concerns so that suitable assistance can be determined;
  7. Student-athletes are expected to seek out their instructors for extra help when necessary;
  8. When requesting a tutor through Student-Athlete Services, student-athletes are expected to follow the outlined procedures for obtaining a tutor, and meet with their tutor at the regularly assigned time;
  9. If assigned to Study Hall, student-athletes are expected to complete all required hours unless excused by their head coach, and are expected to utilize study hall time in a responsible manner;
  10. If extenuating circumstances put a student-athlete in danger of failing one or more classes, that student-athlete is expected to inform his or her Dean of these circumstances.

Above all, we expect you to put forth your best effort, ask for help when you need it, and enjoy your success!