Class Excuse Policy

Due to competition schedules, it may be necessary for student-athletes to miss an occasional day (or partial day) of class. When this is going to happen, Academic Services will provide you with a memo verifying your reason for being absent, along with the dates and times you will be missing.

If you are going to miss a class, you are responsible for:

  • Obtaining the class excuse memo.
  • Presenting the class excuse memo to each of your professors, instructors and TAs well before you will be missing any classes
  • Making arrangements with your teacher for completing any missed exams, quizzes, papers or other assignments in a timely manner. If at all possible, make arrangements in advance! Plan ahead!
  • Understanding that teachers are only obligated to make reasonable accommodations for you to make up work; you must agree to their guidelines and not demand your own.

Please note the following rule from the Undergraduate Rights and Responsibilities Handbook:

"When scheduled events, such as athletic events, conflict with more than 20 percent of the scheduled meeting times of a course, the student is required to drop one or the other. When the overlap is less than 20 percent, the student may engage in both activities, but remains responsible for meeting all requirements of the course."