Book Policy for Full Scholarship Student-Athletes

Course Material Pick-Up Policy


  • Each semester, full-scholarship student-athletes should pick up their books from the Textbook Annex on campus after being notified via email by the office of Academic Services.  If their books are not being sold at the Annex, Academic Services will make arrangements for them to be purchased at another store and put on reserve for student pick-up or delivered.  Student-athletes must show their UCard to be able to pick up books from any store.
  • It must be clearly stated in the syllabus what books are required.  The Athletic Department is only permitted to purchase required materials, so recommended or suggested books may only be purchased by the student-athlete, if desired. Student-athletes are to pick up only what is authorized by Academic Services staff members.  Attempts to purchase anything else with Athletic Department funds constitutes an NCAA violation.
  • If asked for a syllabus and one is not available, student-athletes must ask their instructors to send an email to an Academic Services staff member, stating the book title and where it can be purchased. 
  • The Athletic Department does not purchase books directly from professors or departments.
  • Any required item that is not a book must be ordered through Academic Services.  These orders may take longer, so requests must be made as early into the add/drop period as possible.
  • All requests for required course materials must be made by the Friday following the add/drop deadline for each semester.


Course Material Return Policy

  • All books and related course materials must be returned to the office of Academic Services by the last day of final exams for each semester, regardless of what store they came from. Books and materials must be returned only to Academic Services staff members.  They may not be left with a student worker or left with a note, or be returned by another student.
  • Student-athletes who drop a course need to return their books for that course to Academic Services before they will be permitted to receive books for a new course.
  • Student-athletes need to notify Academic Services immediately if their books are stolen and a police report has been filed.  Otherwise, these books will be considered not returned.
  • CDs must be included with books.
  • You are responsible for all course materials listed on a receipt from the Textbook Annex and listed on a book slip given to you by Academic Services, so make sure you check your bag after you pick up materials from the Annex to make sure you have everything. DO NOT return any course materials purchased by Athletics directly to the Annex.
  • Any student-athlete who does not return books by the last day of final exams will be charged the cost of the materials not returned.  This fee will appear on Bursar’s bills and could result in a hold on registration if not paid by the appropriate date.