Re-Energizing a Strong Planning Tradition With a New Vision (continued)

This tightly integrated, multi-disciplinary and multiple-strategy model recognizes that working with landowners throughout the Commonwealth to promote ecosystem integrity while enhancing forestry and agricultural activity helps to attain various community-wide and regional planning goals. These public benefits might include: continued forest cover and the companion ecosystem services forests provide, local economic well-being and growth; landscape and community character preservation; natural resources conservation; promotion of compact development; and attenuation of the fiscal burden “spikes” that come with sudden growth spurts in small communities.

Conversely, institution of better planning and regulatory practices increases the likelihood that working landscapes can continue to exist, and helps communities and regions equip themselves with tools that can accommodate development in ways that are less damaging to their man-made and natural environment, their economic and fiscal health, and even the affordability of their housing.

CRM aspires to become the statewide center for innovation in rural long-range planning by:

  • Engaging (alone and with others) in specific demonstration projects.
  • Conducting an ongoing program of innovative research, dissemination and publication that furthers the vision.
  • Generating materials and services over time, including community and regional workshops, educational seminars and electronic and written products that are of help to communities and landowners within the state and beyond.

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