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MTARP Procedures

Wave 1:

Adoptive families were interviewed in their homes in one session that lasted 3 - 4 hours. The session included separate interviews with each parent and with the target adopted child; administration of several questionnaires; and a joint couples interview with the adoptive parents. Birthmothers were interviewed in their home, at the agency, or by telephone. They also completed several questionnaires. Details about measures are provided in the "Measures" section and in the Method Summary documents available as downloads.

Wave 2:

At Wave 2, adoptive families were once again seen in their homes during a single session that typically lasted 4 - 5 hours. The session included individual interviews with each parent and the target adopted child, administration of several questionnaires, and administration of a family interaction task. Some family members were interviewed by telephone when it was impossible to gather everyone together for the home visit (e.g., living out of the U.S., adolescent away at college, etc.)

Wave 3:

At Wave 3, the adopted young adults completed their interviews and questionnaires online. Each participant was assigned a unique username and password to access a menu page housing consent and compensation forms, a link to the secure chat site (for the interview) and a set of 11 questionnaires. Interviewers arranged by phone and emails to meet participants in the secure online chat sites prior to the first interview. After consenting to participate in the study, participants followed a link to the chat site to complete a section of the interview. Most interviews took place in 2 to 3 sessions. After completing all interview sessions, participants began the questionnaires. Participants were given access to questionnaires in a specified order. A new questionnaire became available after the participant had finished the preceding one. The adoptive parents completed interviews over the telephone and questionnaires by paper. After agreeing on the phone to participate in the study they were mailed a consent form and two questionnaires. Once these forms were returned, a telephone interview was scheduled. Mothers and fathers each completed separate questionnaires and interviews. The young adult partners completed their interviews and questionnaires online following the same procedures as the adopted young adults. YAPs completed only one interview and three questionnaires. Most interviews took place in one session.