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Minnesota / Texas Adoption Research Project

The Minnesota / Texas Adoption Research Project (MTARP) is a longitudinal research study that focuses on the consequences of variations in openness in adoption arrangements for all members of the adoptive kinship network: birthmothers, adoptive parents, and adopted children, and for the relationships within these family systems.

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The Contemporary Adoptive Families Study (Rachel Farr, Principal Investigator) is a longitudinal study of adoptive families headed by lesbian, gay, and heterosexual couples, all of whom had completed an infant adoption from a private agency in the U.S.

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This survey (Jennifer McDermott, Principal Investigator) explores experiences of Massachusetts families with the aim of informing local providers as to what services are most valued and what services are most needed among kinship, foster, and adoptive families.

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This project, conducted as part of the Adoption Task Force commissioned by the 2013 session of the Massachusetts Legislature, addressed issues involving the length of time it takes to adopt a child in Massachusetts and the costs associated with adoption.

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