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Welcome to Massachusetts Delta Chi!

The Brotherhood Of A Lifetime

Re-founded at UMass in the Fall of 2008, Delta Chi has made great strides in reclaiming its position as a front-runner in the UMass Greek community. Delta Chi aims to instill in all its members its four core values of friendship, character, justice, and education. With the addition of the Zeta Class, Massachusetts Delta Chi continues to grow and build the most uncommon Bond at UMass Amherst.

News and Current Events

Is Summer here yet? - 4/14/2013

A big congratulations to the Spring 2013 Kappa class! We are proud to welcome Brothers Andrew Raftery, Matt Cronicon, Matt Knobloch, and Peter Palfi into the family.

Greek Week starts from April 14th and ends on April 19th. Come support us (Purple team) and the other Greek organizations as we all battle it out to see which team will prevail!

In other news, Relay for Life is on April 19th. UMass Delta Chi is proud to announce that we are currently in the Top 10 teams to raise money and awareness to help the American Cancer Society- raising over $1,000 for the battle against Cancer.

New Year, New Faces - 2/26/2013

After several fun Spring rush events, the brothers are proud to pin in five Associate Members! We believe that these members have the qualities and characteristics it takes to become a leader and a part of something bigger. Congratulations to Andrew Baril, Andrew Raftery, Matt Cronicon, Matt Knobloch and Peter Palfi as they grow within the brotherhood!

Massachusetts DX, Back In Action! - 9/10/2011

Fall has come again, and with it a fresh academic year! The Brothers of Delta Chi are excited to get rolling and with a week of classes down, things are going smoothly! If YOU have caught yourself thinking "gee, I wish I had something to do right now" or "boy, I'm bored, I'd love to go hang out" then why not check out the Recruitment page and pick an event to come to? Meet the Brothers of Delta Chi and maybe, like so many others, you'll find a place where you really feel at home. If you'd like to come to an event feel free to get in touch with our Recruitment Officer, Josh "Spiff" Klein on facebook or via email at

The Weather's Cold, But We're Heatin' Up! - 1/24/2011

Massachusetts Delta Chi is kicking things into high gear to start Spring 2011 off right! In colder-than-freezing conditions, the Brothers have set out on an ambitious mission: To finish preparing the Epsilon (winter) Associate Member class for their final steps towards brotherhood, and to rev up recruitment and begin rush for the Zeta (spring) AM Class! Though ambitious, it is entirely do-able and already in progress!

Spring 2011 is a big semester for the Massachusetts Colony - we're aiming high in all areas: recruit a large AM class, bring the Winter Class full-circle, secure a house for Brothers to live in, and continue our quest for chartering. The Executive Board has had a big change-up as thing move forward and our older and more senior Brothers step back and pass down the reins, and we look forward to seeing this new E-Board bring us into our Colony's future.

It's going to be a big semester, and it's certainly going to be a big year! Keep your eye on Delta Chi!

Fall Comes To A Close; Moving Right Along - 12/5/2010

A lot has happened in the past month and a half! A big congratulations goes to our newly initiated Delta Class! Brothers Sascha Turnheim, Will Snyder, Tony Accavallo, and James Petroskey have joined The Bond and we're thrilled to have them! We look forward to seeing them help our family grow!

Our Winter Class, Epsilon, has also been steadily progressing through their AM process! They're steadily moving along and we look forward to seeing them complete their journey to Brotherhood!

Even more exciting still, Massachusetts Delta Chi has just held elections for the 2011 term! We'd like to congratulate our new Executive Officers! The new E-Board is as follows:
"A" - President: Alex Cidado (Also elected IFC President)
"B" - Vice-President: Zach Durand
"C" - Secretary: Andrew Fang
"D" - Treasurer: Julian Pinto
"E" - Alumni Secretary: Darrell McTague
"F" - Sergeant-at-Arms: James Petroskey
AMC - Associate Member Councellor: Greg Cowan
Recruitment - Josh "Spiff" Klein
Scholarship - Troy Bringhurst
Best of luck to the new Executive Board in the coming year! As we move into the last 2 weeks of the semester, the Brothers would like to wish everyone the best of luck with their final exams and a happy and safe winter break!

Fall Class Pinned / Bringin' It Back Old School: Winter Class! - 10/12/2010

Fall rush was great and the Massachusetts Colony is proud to have pinned in 5 promising young men into the Delta Class! Congrats to Sascha Turnheim, Will Snyder, Sui Wong, Tony Accavallo, and James Petroskey! We have high hopes for these young leaders and we look forward to seeing them grow with Delta Chi!

In keeping with the 365 Day Recruitment mindset, the Massachusetts Colony has voted to bring back something we haven't done in almost a decade: a Winter AM Class! We're very excited for this, and it's yet another thing unique to Delta Chi here at UMass. For the next 5 weeks the Brothers will be seeking out quality men to bring into the Bond as our Epsilon class.

We're also very excited for this weekend's Homecoming Alumni Tailgate! If you're in the area or would like to be, please feel free to come by! Just look for the red and buff flag flying proudly!

Welcome Back! Now Let's Get Rolling! - 9/6/2010

Fall Semester has started and UMass is flooded with new and returning students alike! The Brothers of Delta Chi are excited to start another semester, and we're hoping some stand-up guys will be joining our Brotherhood! As you make your way around campus in the next few weeks, look for a Brother...if you see someone in DX letters, stop and have a chat! Also, make sure to come to some rush events, which you can find posted on our FaceBook Fan Page, FaceBook Rush Group, and on our Recruitment page here on our site. Make sure to "like" our fan page by clicking in the box on the right of this page to stay up-to-the minute on all our activities and events!

If you're interested in becoming a Delta Chi, don't hesitate to find us and reach out! We'd love to hear from you! You can reach our Recruitment Officer, Phil Schweiger, at

It May Be Summer, But There's Still Plenty Going On! - 6/30/2010

Summer's in full swing and Spring semester's been over for quite some time now, but the Brothers of Delta Chi are still hard at work! We're looking forward to a great Fall 2010 semester, and we're also looking forward to Delta Chi Convention 2010 - New Orleans!

Two Years Later, Look At Us Now! - 5/20/2010

Finals are over, Graduation has passed, and we're 5 days into Summer 2010. It's been a very eventful semester, and an even more eventful year. As we look back on UMass Delta Chi's second year back on campus, we see a lot of change, progress, and good men joining the Bond. We've had successful recruitment, AM programs, Formals, participated in two Greek Weeks, a multitude of philanthropy and community service events, and we've held two successful initiations. We've even graduated 7 Brothers! As we fall into step and hit our rhythm, we look toward the future and look forward to a strong Delta Class, continued growth and prosperity, and to our ultimate goal as a colony...Chartering.

We've had some changes on our Executive Board and Alumni Board of Trustees as well! On our E-Board, we welcome Gamma Class Brother Greg Cowan to the E position and Founding Father Stephen Zipp to the AMC position. On our ABT we welcome Alex Chan as our new ABT President and we're thrilled to have 2010 grad Josh "Hootie" Evans as our new BB! We thank former ABT President Ira Kligerman and former BB Bob Berns for their service and all their efforts, work, and perserverance in helping to build this colony and make it great, and we look forward to their continued advice and guidance in a more relaxed and casual capacity.

Watch out for UMass Delta Chi next year! We'll be hitting the ground running for sure!

Growth, Effort and Perserverance in Spring - 4/19/2010

First and foremost, congratulations to our Gamma Class! This past Saturday, April 17th, Greg Cowan, Josh Kaplan, and Ralph Tayamora were initiated into the Bond of Delta Chi. It was a great semester and we saw a lot of growth from these fine young men. We look forward to seeing you progress and grow, helping to make UMass Delta Chi great!

Spring has been a very busy, productive, and exciting time for UMass Delta Chi! We participated in Greek Week and did a great job! Congrats to all the brothers who participated and made Delta Chi look great!

We have Relay for Life coming up this weekend and we look forward to having just as strong a showing as we did last year!.

We've Been Busy, How About You? - 2/21/2010

Spring recruitment is over and we'd like to give a warm welcome to our newly pinned Gamma Class! We look forward to seeing them grow and progress toward Brotherhood. If you're interested in being a part of our Delta Class, get in touch with a Brother or Associate Member and make yourself known!

UMass Delta Chi has also had some changes with its Executive Board; We'd like to welcome the following new E-Board members:
"B" Vice President - Alex Cidado
"F" Sergeant at Arms - Zach Durand
Scholarship Officer - Julian Pinto

The Delta Chi "Spread The Love" Carnation Sale was also a great success! Around $200 was raised for the Jimmy V Foundation and Hope for Haiti. Thanks to all who participated!

Delta Chi also participated in Winterfest at the Cherry Hill Golf Course. It was a great time helping out and we hope everyone who attended enjoyed themselves!

Spring Rush: Will YOU be a part of the Gamma Class?

UMass Delta Chi's Spring rush is well underway. We've seen plenty of fresh faces come through, and we'd love to see more! We have a week and a half to two weeks of rush left, and if you're even just thinking about checking it out, we urge you to come to an event and meet the Brothers, come to an info session and find out what we're really all about, or even just browse this website to help you along in your decision. Check out our Upcoming Events page to see the scheduled events in calendar view, and check out our Rush page to see all the info you could want about what rush is and how to go about it. Also, join our Facebook rush group to stay up to date on all last minute schedule changes.

Delta Chi is looking for Gentlemen, Scholars, and Athletes; if one or more of these applies to you, we urge you to come and see what Delta Chi is all about.

"In a world of compromise, some men don't - DX"

A New E-Board Elected, Term Shifts to Spring-Fall -12/13/09

Recently, our colony was advised by HQ that we should shift from a Fall to Spring Executive Board term to a Spring to Fall term. As such, with the Fall semester drawing to a close, UMass Delta Chi has elected a new E-Board. Congratulations to the following officers, who will take office beginning Spring semester!
A - Troy Bringhurst
B - Dan Jewett
C - Andrew Fang
D - Darrell McTague
E - Josh Klein
F - Alex Cidado
AMC - Dan Jarmon
Recruitment - Phil Schweiger
Scholarship - Zach Durand

The Brotherhood Grows! Beta Class Initiated! -12/6/09

Yesterday, on Saturday the 5th of December 2009, the 7 members of the Beta Class were initiated into the Bond! A big congratulations and welcome goes out to: Zach Durand, Kevin Carifio, Phil Schweiger, Joshua Brown, Julian Pinto, Nick Allain, and Andrew Fang!

Present were the Active Brothers, Inactive Brothers Mike Berlo, Mike Waring, and John Everson, Alex Chan (UMass '92), and Brothers from the New Haven chapter. We look forward to continuing to build a better brotherhood, and to see the new Beta Class brothers help build it.

Delta Chi Brings You: The DX Games! -11/7/09

After a fun Halloween weekend we launch into a very event-filled November. Among the many events happening in November, Delta Chi will be introducing a new event: The DX Games. The DX Games is a 6 event team challenge designed to step you through the stereotypical college day. With events including eating a small (cold) Papa Gino's pizza, cheating and getting caught, basketball and party skills, teams of 5-6 will race the clock to complete their events the fastest and win the Grand Prize.
Participants will be playing for a Grand Prize including $50 gift cards to Arizona Pizza and Buffalo Wild Wings, Laser Tag passes and more. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research.

For full details and information on the event, including how to register, check out the DX Games Facebook event and the DX Games webpage on our site.

Homecoming and Alumni Weekend! -10/13/09

This weekend is Alumni Weekend, and Saturday is the big Homecoming football game vs. UNH! Delta Chi will be having its annual Homecoming Tailgate and the Brothers would love to see lots of Alumni there! From 1 pm until gametime we'll be enjoying a tailgate party complete with burgers, hotdogs, drinks and games. After the tailgate, feel free to come and watch UNH get pounded into dust with us!

Delta Chi Homecoming Alumni Tailgate/BBQ
10/17/09 - 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Right outside McGuirk Alumni Stadium
For specific directiosn when you get there call our E - Matt Lowe (646)418-9912

Good Times Fundraising And Rushing! - 9/21/09

This past Saturday UMass Delta Chi held its first fundraising event of the semester, and we're proud to say it was a big success! The Brothers worked a concessions stand at McGuirk Alumni Stadium and helped fans stay fed and happy while watching the Minutemen beat down the URI Rams 30 - 10. Check out some pictures on the Photos page and look for Delta Chi at Concessions at future home games!

Rush is going well for Delta Chi too, as we've seen a Billiards Night, basketball event, and an info session come and go all providing rushees who attended with a great experience. Today we'll be holding a Monday Night Football rush event at Papa Gino's in downtown Amherst. For times, dates, and information on this rush event as well as the rest of our rush schedule, visit our Rush Page and our Events Page. Feel free to join our Fall Rush '09 Facebook Group to stay up to date on all sudden happenings and notices that come out regarding these events.

The Semester Has Started, And Rush Has Begun! - 9/15/09

It's that time of year again...freshmen pouring into lecture halls, syllabi being handed out, and textbooks flying off the shelves all over Amherst - Yes, the Fall Semester has begun! And with First Week being over, Delta Chi's Fall Rush has begun as well! Yesterday was our first Rush event of the semester, and everyone had a great time shooting some pool, playing some ping pong, and getting to know each other.

For a full breakdown of our Rush Event Schedule and all the information you could want about Rush, you can check out our Rush page and if you're interested in checking out Delta Chi and coming to some Rush events, be sure to join our Fall Rush '09 Facebook Group to get all the updates on schedule changes, room changes, and any new, special events that may pop up!

Get Ready...Rush Is Officially Ready! - 8/5/09

Ladies and Gentlemen, Delta Chi's Fall Rush '09 schedule is officially ready for you! Check out our newly updated Rush page, Upcoming Events page and our Fall Rush '09 Facebook Group to see more! We hope to see you at some of our rush events, and we look forward to a great fall semester with everyone!

Fall Semester Approaches! So Does Rush! - 8/2/09

August is here, and that means only one thing...the fall semester is only one month away! We hope you're just as excited for the year to start as we are, and we hope you're ready for Rush too. For information about Delta Chi's Fall Rush '09 plans, check out our Rush page and our Delta Chi Fall Rush '09 Facebook Group. If the Rush Schedule isn't already up, check back often, as it'll be due up any time.

New School Year, New E-Board! - 5/10/09

Congratulations are in order for a number of fantastic election results! Last week at IFC elections Brother Cidado was voted in as the new Vice-President of Communications. With his election, he stepped down as next year's new E, opening up a new election. Today, with that election completed, we now have a full E-Board for the coming year. Congratulations to our E-Board for the '09 - '10 year!:
A - Josh Klein
B - Troy Bringhurst
C - Jing Xu
D - Sean Mayne
E - Matt Lowe
F - Dan Jewett
AMC - Dan Jarmon
Recruitment - Reggie Bailey
Scholarship - Justin Thompson

Alpha Class Initiated! - 5/3/09

This past weekend on Saturday the 2nd, 2009 the Alpha Class of UMass Delta Chi 2 was initiated and welcomed into the Bond. Present were the Active Brothers, Ira Kligerman and Evan Wheeler of the UMass Colony ABT, UMass DX Alumnus Alex Chan, 4 members of the New Haven chapter and the Vice-Regent Steve Bianchi. We look forward to seeing the contributions that our new Brothers bring to the Colony.

Greek Week Football Champions! - 4/27/09

Delta Chi along with their Greek Week partners Phi Sigma Kappa have beaten Theta Chi to take the Greek Week Flag Football championship in their first Greek Week at UMass! To recap, their 3 games went 28-0 against Pi Kappa Alpha, 14-12 over Sigma Phi Epsilon, and finally, 2-0 over Theta Chi. Congratulations to Delta Chi and Phi Sig on a big win!

Kappa Kappa Gamma Pink Party - 4/24/09

This Sunday one of our Greek Week partners, KKG, will be having a philanthropy BBQ in support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure for Breast Cancer. $5 gets you all the food and drink you could want, and there will be raffles for some great prizes, including a BlackBerry and 2 Red Sox tickets! So go support your Greek Week partners this Sunday from 1 pm - 5 pm at Kappa's house (32 Nutting Ave).

Greek Week! - 4/19/09

It's Greek Week at UMass! This year Delta Chi is teamed up with Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity and Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority on Team 7 - Black. Congrats on a big win in Flag Football 28-0 over Pi Kappa Alpha and great effort in Powderpuff and Volleyball!

Relay For Life - 4/19/09

This weekend Delta Chi will particpate in the 5 College Relay For Life. Help Delta Chi in the fight against cancer by making a donation!