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Rush Delta Chi!

Rush Schedule

Want to become a part of the Lambda Class of the Delta Chi Fraternity? This schedule will be updates as events get added and changed. If you're interested in coming or need a ride get in touch with our Recruitment Officer - Tony Accavallo (201) 788-9432:

Rush has ended, but the brothers are always doing something fun! Get in contact with Tony to hang out with the brothers.


What is "Rush"?

Rush is defined as "a time when Fraternities and Sororities select new members", but it is a bit more than that. Rush is a time where fraternities have a number of events that you can come to if you're interested in going greek and seeing what a particular fraternity has to offer. It's a time when not only are you deciding if a fraternity is right for you, but where the fraternity is deciding if you're right for them. You should take care to make sure you feel like you're in the right place before making any decisions, and that's exactly the opportunity rush provides you. Have fun, get to know the Brothers, and get to know the Fraternity. Hopefully you'll like what you see!

Why go Greek?

Greek Life affords you many opportunities that normal college life may not and prepares you for the real world, a.k.a. that time after graduation. There are leadership positions to be held, countless social events to attend, and many opportunities to make lasting friendships and build social skills. Only about 2% of the US population are Greek, but that 2% is incredibly prominent.
-Over 85% of the student leaders on about 730 campuses are involved in the greek community.
-80% of Fortune 500 executives are members of Greek Organizations
-All but 8 US Presidents have been Fraternity Men since 1825, when the first social fraternity was founded.
-Greeks raise over $7 million for charity every year
-850,000 hours are annually volunteered by Greeks across the country
-Today, 76% of all U.S. Congressmen and Senators are Greek
-Over 75% of the U.S. Supreme Court are Greek
-Since 1900, two-thirds of members of Presidential Cabinets have been Greek
-Students who join Greek organizations are more likely to return to school the following year
-A U.S. Govt. study shows that over 70% of all those who join a fraternity/sorority graduate, while under 50% of all those who don't go greek graduate.

Why Delta Chi?

Ok, so Greek Life seems like something you're interested in. That's fantastic! So what makes Delta Chi so special? Why Delta Chi instead of some other fraternity?
Delta Chi is a Fraternity rather than a "Frat". I say that because "Frat", while an easy abbreviation, carries the negative ideas and bad reputation that movies like "Animal House" have given to Greek Life, and unfortunately some fraternities live up to the bad stereotype portrayed in said movies. We in Delta Chi like to distinguish ourselves from that, showing that fraternity life is more than just partying; its about brotherhood, making life-long friendships, and bettering yourself. In Delta Chi we hold our four core values near and dear: Friendship, Character, Justice and Education. We don't just talk about it, we live it. Helping each other out by study groups or tutoring, helping out a Brother in a time of need, settling a dispute, or simply relieving some stress playing football, Delta Chi Brothers are always there to help each other out. As leaders on campus we take it upon ourselves to be what a model student and Brother should be.

But What About Hazing?

So you've seen the movies, huh? Animal House, Accepted, Old School, the list goes on. They all show some kind of hazing, whether it be as harmless as a trust test or as severe as physical beatings. I guess the first thing to mention is: Hazing, as defined by the State of Massachusetts, is not only against both University policy and Delta Chi policy, but is illegal.

First and foremost, let it be known that there is zero hazing within UMass Delta Chi. Beyond any other reason, we simply do not believe there is any good or worth to it. You can't beat, berate, degrade, and belittle someone and then call them your brother afterward. There is not a single brother in Delta Chi that will abuse you in any way, shape or form nor is there any brother who will tolerate it. If you see or know about any hazing going on, we urge you to tell an Executive Board member or Committee Chairman about it immediately. On a more official, policy side of things, Delta Chi follows its Risk Management policy (FIPG) very closely, and FIPG has not only a very complete, all-encompassing definition of hazing, but has zero tolerance for what it defines. Click here for more information on the FIPG policy.
So, one way or another, hazing is absolutely non-existant and not tolerated in Delta Chi.

So how do I rush?

It's easy! All you need to do is check out the rush schedule shown at the top of the page and show up to one of the events listed! Introduce yourself to the Brothers and it goes from there! Bring some friends if you like, too! If you'd like more information or have questions any brother would be happy to answer, or you can contact our Recruitment chairman, Reggie Bailey, at