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Parents' Resources

Welcome Parents!

We're glad you've taken the time to check out Delta Chi. Whether your son is a Brother or is interested in rushing Delta Chi, we're sure you've got questions and curiosities about the Fraternity. Below are some answers to common questions parents often have, as well as materials to help parents get more involved in the Colony (UMass Delta Chi is not yet a Chapter, we'll explain that too).

What is Delta Chi?

"So what exactly is Delta Chi? What is my son getting involved in?"
If you'd like to get an in-depth answer to this question, you can view our "About Delta Chi" page. To sum it up, Delta Chi is a social fraternity that focuses on building brotherhood, fostering close, life-long friendships, advancing its members' academics, and preparing Men for the social and professional situations of the real, post-college world. We do this through social events with other fraternities and sororities, study groups, workshops, and incorporating our Fraternity's values and ideals into our daily lives. Delta Chi men are Gentlemen, and we pride ourselves on that.

Colony vs. Chapter?

"What did you mean when you said you're a Colony and not yet a Chapter?"
UMass Delta Chi is now in its second installation at UMass after a short haitus. When a Fraternity creates an expansion at a new school, that expansion must grow a bit before it becomes a full-fledged Chapter of the Fraternity. This involves a number of requirements including size, sound finances, alumni support, involvement in the campus/greek system/ intramurals, etc. Being a Colony means nothing about legitimacy; we are an official part of Delta Chi and all of our Brothers are 100% Delta Chi... there is no penalty for being in a Colony. Once we have met all the requirements, which we anticipate will happen very soon, we will go through the appropriate steps to gain our Charter and become an official Chapter of Delta Chi.


"Is my son going to have to endure any hazing to earn membership?"
The short answer is: Absolutely Not. Not only is Hazing against University policy and Delta Chi Law, but it is illegal in the State of Massachusetts. Delta Chi follows the FIPG Risk Management policy, which has a very thorough definition of hazing and little tolerance for it. For more information on FIPG, its policy, and its description of hazing please check out our FIPG page.
Beyond the rules and policy, we in UMass Delta Chi simply do not believe there is any worth or merit to hazing. It doesn't make you a better man to degrade someone or to be forced to do something you don't want to do, no matter how harmless. Furthermore, once hazing begins it will only get worse as time goes on, eventually leading to possible physical harm, which no Brother wants. Being that we are newly re-established on campus we start with a fresh slate and are able to stop hazing from starting, keep it from starting and do things the right way. Rest assured that we intend to keep hazing out of our Fraternity as long as we remain on campus.

Academics vs. Partying

"I've seen the movies and heard the all you do in a frat party? Will my son's grades suffer?"
First, I'll say that we are a Fraternity, not a "frat". Greek life has gained a bad reputation through the years for partying like animals and not doing much else. The term "frat", while an easy abbreviation, often carries the stigma of that bad reputation. Fraternities and Sororities have come a long way since the 70's, a time where things were eerily similar to what you see in the movies. Today, Fraternities are social organizations that take academics, philanthropy, community service and campus involvement just as seriously, if not moreso, than the "fun stuff". While we do like to enjoy ourselves and have a good time, we hold our members to certain academic standards in order to hold Executive Board positions, have the privelige of having a Little Brother, and even to remain an active brother.
In order to help our members hold themselves up to these standards, our Scholarship Chair (recently moved to an E-board position because of its importance) has programs in place such as Study Tables (mandatory if below the minimum GPA), workshops, and various scholastic achievement-oriented incentive programs. Brothers also often study together outside of these programs or tutor younger Brothers in classes they've already taken.
We take our academics very seriously, as they are the reason we're at UMass.

What about Cost?

"What about money? I know my son is going to have to pay Dues...where exactly does the money go?"
Each semester your son, as well as every Brother and Associate Member, will be expected to pay their Dues. Below is a brief breakdown of what their Dues break down into.

-Associate Member Dues: Each new member pays this once at the beginning of their time with Delta Chi, and never again. This goes towards materials needed for each Associate Member as well as the programs run for the Associate Member Education process.
-Enrollment/Initiation Dues: prior to initiation as an Active member, each member pays the one time enrollment/initiation fee.
-Membership Dues: These are paid each semester of active membership. This fee is returned to the Brothers through Leadership Consultant visits, funding for the International Convention (held every other year), operation and maintenance of an international headquarters office, and many of the other resources and supplies that enhance the Delta Chi experience.
-Risk Management: The chapter/colony pays this per-member each semester. This covers a range of activities and events and is extended to associate members. General Liability Insurance and a Member Accident Protection Program are covered.

Other things your son's dues help fund include helping send members to the Delta Chi International Convention (every other year), helping send members to the Regional Leadership Conference (held yearly), Delta Chi Leadership College at our International Headquarters, and the Delta Chi "A"s' Academy (where Presidents from more than 120 chapters and colonies come together for leadership and management development.
While dues can be a significant amount of money, the return on your son's investment is high.

Associate Member vs. Pledge

"You mentioned Associate Member...what is that? Is it the same thing as a Pledge?"
In Delta Chi, we do not do a "pledge process", we have an Associate Member education program. Through the recruitment process, we select men who we believe will be good additions to our Fraternity, helping to further our goals and uphold our ideals. Once the membership votes on a rushee, if all are in agreement he will be extended a Bid, which is an invitation to join the Fraternity. If your son accepts the Bid, he does not "pledge to become a member", he will become affiliated with the fraternity in a public Associate Member Ceremony, where he is given the Associate Member pin and a copy of the Cornerstone (the Delta Chi member manual) and actually becomes a member of Delta Chi. This allows him to come to Chapter/Colony meetings, take part in events, and even vote, things "pledges" in other fraternities and sororities do not have the privelige of doing. The only thing separating an Associate Member from a Brother is that an Associate Member (AM for short) has not been through Ritual and does not know the Secrets of Delta Chi.

Associate Members will go through an 8 - 10 week educational process where they learn about the Fraternity, its values, ideals, history and much more. Once they have completed their program, if they have upheld the qualities shown when they were extended bids and prove to be the kind of man that should be a Delta Chi, he will be invited to Initiation, where he can become a full member.

Get Involved

"That all sounds great! How can I get involved and further support my son?"
There are a number of ways you can get involved. Fathers or other male relatives are potential candidates for alumni initiation. This means they are selected by the undergraduate chapter/colony to be initiated into the Bond. He is someone whom the Brothers feel can enhance the Fraternity. Alumni initiates are recognized as a full member of the Delta Chi Fraternity and have the same rights and privileges as any other alumnus of the Fraternity.
Parents' or Moms' Clubs are also a great way to get involved in your son's chapter. Parents' Clubs can play a role in the organization of parents' weekends, homecoming, finals care packages and more.
Here you can view sample Parents' Club By-Laws.

Lastly, here is an Open Letter to Parents from the Executive Director of Delta Chi.