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Welcome Alumni!

We're glad you've come to visit our website! It's great that you've shown interest in our colony. Whether you're a UMass Delta Chi alum from years past or an alumnus from another chapter who's interested in UMass D Chi in any capacity, we aim to give you all the resources and information you could want to help you keep in touch with your Brothers past and present.

We also invite you to be involved in the process for those who we hope will become future Brothers. If you're interested in coming to an Associate Member meeting to speak to our AM's we'd be happy to talk to you about it. We'd also love to keep you informed about our event schedule and make sure you know dates, times, and locations for events like Associate Member Pinning. We want our alumni to be as involved as they can be, and that starts with knowing these key facts.

Below you'll find a list of our current Alumni Board of Trustees, links to our Alumni Newsletters and Facebook group for Alumni, and a database of alumni. Please feel free to use these resources, and if you find any information incorrect or out of date, please make sure to let us know.

UMass Delta Chi ABT

Alex BrownPresident
Troy Bringhurst BB
Alex Chan Financial Advisor
Tom Simpson
Mike Alfieri

Alumni Newsletters

The Leges Ledger - Vol. 1 Spring '09

The Leges Ledger - Vol. 2 Fall '09

The Leges Ledger - Vol. 3 Fall '09

The Nova - Spring 2010

Facebook Group

UMass Delta Chi Alumni Facebook Group