A talk at the Student Union Art Gallery is taking place Mondays at 4pm. Its a free-form discussion meant to generate critical thinking on topics that may (or may not) include making sense of art being made today, the state of artmaking here (and beyond) and where we stand as artmakers in relation to our community/contemporary art.

Join us this Monday at 4pm!

Tuesday, November 9th from 4-6:30

The Student Union Gallery proudly presents the artwork of Umass BFA candidate, Kim Carlino. Kim will present a horizontal grid of 365 paintings relating to each day of the year, which offers a compendium of erotic postures that explore themes of intimacy, connection and sexuality.  Bright, saturated color spreads, merges and disperses within the silhouetted figures blending boundaries of the individual. A reception catered by People’s Market will take place on Tuesday, November 9 from 4 – 6 pm.