April 4-15, Reception: April 6, 4-6

24,312 is a collaborative work of art which will be created and exhibited at the Student Union Art Gallery.  The purpose of the installation is to turn the gallery into a musical instrument that can be tuned, plucked and strummed by visitors. 24312 stands for the number of students enrolled at UMass.  It also represents the length of nylon thread we plan to install in the gallery in order to transform the gallery into this instrument.  It is our intention to make a work of art that speaks to the connectivity of the UMass community. By using this specific amount of nylon thread we are directly referencing the student body as a whole; by turning this material into chords we are simultaneously honoring the unique voices (or notes) each member represents; and by immersing the chords within the overall  gallery we are transforming the a central space on campus into a living instrument or a sound of our community.

24312 has been generously funded in part by the Umass Arts Council, and the Department of Art, Architecture and Art History at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.