slsoWelcome to the Student Legal Services Office (SLSO). Our mission is to provide counseling, advice, research, education, representation, and referral for all fee-paying students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst concerning legal matters.

SLSO is committed to protecting the rights and interests of students by providing high-quality legal services to undergraduate and graduate students, individually and collectively, and to student organizations.

Our goal is to assist students in responding to legal problems that may be adversely affecting their well-being or otherwise interfering with their academic studies or goals. We particularly strive to assist students in resolving problems for which it would be otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain legal services at affordable prices. In this way, we help the University to accomplish its goal of retention of students and enhancing the quality of students university experience.

We act as legal counsel to the Student Government Association (SGA), the Graduate Student Senate (GSS), their agencies, and Registered Student Organizations (RSO).

Our lawyers are University faculty, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses such as Legal Issues in Student Governance, The Law and Higher Education, and Trial Advocacy in the United States.

In addition, we are dedicated to improving the university environment for all students by promoting fairness, equality, and the protection of students' individual rights and interests. We play an active role in addressing issues of diversity and multiculturalism on the campus by advising individual students and groups regarding civil rights law, and participating in training programs for students and staff.

As a law office primarily funded by student fees, we believe that we have a special obligation to educate students as to their legal rights and responsibilities, both individually and through community legal education (CLE) programs. SLSO provides seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics including landlord/tenant rights, LGBTQ rights, Fourth Amendment rights, and much more.

We strive to support the university's educational mission by providing hands-on experience to students through our internship program. In the internship program, we provide practical training as well as opportunities to engage in problem solving and teamwork with other students and professional staff.






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