NJAC 2002

A New Dawn


From the South:
Take I-91 to the second Northampton exit (19). Take a right off the ramp, turning on to Route 9 east. Follow Rte. 9 about 5 miles until you pass a pair of shopping malls. Take a left at the next light after the second mall, onto Route 116. Follow 116 to the first exit, and take a right off the ramp.

From the North:
Take I-91 south to the second Northampton exit (20). Take a left at the first light after the ramp. Follow this road until you reach another set of lights. Turn left here on to Route 9 East, and then proceed as above.

Finding the Campus Center:
>From Route 116, after you take a right off the ramp, pass through a flashing light and a stoplight. About half a mile farther, you will come to another stoplight. Take a left here. Soon after the left, the area on the left hand side of the road will open out into a park containing a pond. At the northern side of this is a waffle-shaped building, the Campus Center. Entrances are on the east and west sides.

Behind the Campus Center is the Parking Garage (which charges). However, most of the parking lots on campus will be open to you for free parking after 5pm on Friday. Be careful not to park in areas designated for the handicapped or in lots whose signs read "Permit Parking Only - 24 Hours

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