I.            Mission

The Persian Student Organization (PSO) is an organization designed to bring together students to understand and celebrate Persian culture and art, regardless of ethnicity, religion or race.  Furthermore, the PSO has no political affiliation; it is merely a cultural organization.  The objective of the PSO is to promote an understanding and appreciation for Persian culture and art, as well as to sponsor education and social events.  It also strives to promote a sense of community and a support network for students at the University of Massachusetts, and the surrounding four colleges: Hampshire, Amherst, Smith and Mount Holyoke.

II.                   Membership

Membership in the PSO is open to all students in the five-college community, as well as their dependents, staff, faculty and alumni.  Membership is strictly non-discriminatory, that no preference is given on the basis of, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or age. However, voting membership is restricted to UMass undergraduates, currently enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis who attend at least at 5 meetings per semester.  Only those persons that do not satisfy the foregoing criterion will be denied voting membership, otherwise no person will be denied membership in the PSO.

III.                   Governing Board

The PSO governing board shall consist of 6 members (each a “Director”) each of which must be a voting member and a UMass undergraduate.  Elections for the governing board will be held at the beginning of each spring semester for the following academic year.  Nominations will be self-nominations, done at least 2 weeks before elections. 

All members of the board will have equal say and equal power, with the exception of the two elected by the majority of the board to have signature responsibility.  Those two will have financial responsibility for the PSO, and be designated the President and the Treasurer, respectively. 

         Any Director that is found to be acting in a way that the members of the PSO find unsuitable, may be impeached and removed from office by the affirmative vote of a majority of the voting members of the PSO.

          If an officer shall resign from office, there will be no replacement made until the following semester. If an officer is impeached, then it will be at the discretion of the remaining executive board members to decide whether or not to replace that director.


Officer Responsibilities:

- President: The president shall maintain the leadership role in the organization. (S)he shall make final executive decisions based upon majority vote, handle executive matters, and maintain signature responsibility.

- Vice-President: The vice-president shall maintain a leadership role, along with the president. In the case of presidential absence, the vice-president shall adopt the president's duties. The vice president is in charge of regulating members and helping the president with executive matters.


- Secretary: The secretary shall be in charge of record keeping and contacts within the group and with outside organizations. (S)he will be the main contact of the organization for other organizations. (S)he will be in charge of the phone list and email list.

- Treasurer: The treasurer shall handle all financial matters. The account of the organization will be under his/her management. The treasurer shall also maintain signature responsibility.

- Social Chair: The Social Chair will be in charge of coordinating all social, cultural and academic events sponsored by the organization. It is the job of the social chair to oversee the planning and undertaking of every event.


-Webmaster: The webmaster will be in charge of creating, maintaining, and updating the PSO's web site.


IV.                   Amendments

  This Constitution may be amended by a majority of the voting members of the PSO. The majority vote will be submitted to the President. Majority vote equals at least fifty percent of the organization plus one. The president will then submit the majority vote to the Secretary of the Registry.

  Ratification of the Constitution shall be voted upon by the organization, the majority vote of which must be approved by the Secretary of the Registry and a copy must be made available to all members.

V.                   Future Goals of PSO

We propose to attempt and have Persian film festivals, cultural celebrations of Persian, non-religious holidays, as well as social events that recognize Persian heritage.  We hope to be able to familiarize and educate the UMass and five-college community about the richness of Persian culture.