Monday, April 03, 2006

September 27, 2005

On September 24th, 2005 UMASS Paintball took home another beautiful trophy provided by Matt's Outback Paintball for the top four in the NEIC University of Connecticut Open. Pictured is Steven Marcangelo, Andrew Franco, Daniel Scholten, Graham Palermo, and Ian O'Donell- in no particular order. Everyone did an astounding job working as a team with little experience together. The lesson learned for success is communication. In the beginning the team was not doing so hot but after some general discussion to name bunker-types, kill-count, etc and general field positions straight victories came flying in. The only games lost were again two of the three UCONN teams and Drexel A.

UMASS Paintball is hoping to participate in the next NEIC event down in Greensburg, PA hosted be the University of Pennsylvania paintball club. It is a long trek down but it will surely be worth the drive and money. The tournament team is doing an excellent job and special thanks goes to anyone from other teams that find the time to play with us. If it were not for these people the tournament team would not exist.

In other news the Recreational Field Officers are about to purchase a big package of fresh new goggle systems by Vforce, a few more rental Tippmann 98 Customs, more CO2/N2 tanks to make Sunday play even better. This equipment will most likely be available during the first week of Octboer.

Stay tuned for success from the one and only UMASS Paintball Club!

-Originally posted by Graham


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