Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Meeting Minutes 4/19/06

Okay so today I had a meeting with our advisor and here is what happened:

1) We got Matt's Outback set up as a school vendor (we can buy stuff from them with ease now)

2) Brooke of matt's is writing us a nice letter to show to the SGA's ways and means committee for more funding

3) We got this to relax in during practice:

4) We will be attending a meeting at 2PM this Sunday, April 23rd to get a budget appeal approved for more cash.

5) A new "assistant vice chancellor" to michael gargano will be overseeing the link between the SGA and Center for Student Development. This means that there will be a stronger connection and force putting the fluid into motion with the functions of those two departments.

For those of you who don't know, the SGA is the Student Government Association, which handles all the registered student organizations such as ourselves. They decide who gets money. There is far more complexity in how the SGA works and what other tasks they handle such as student housing fees (yes a bunch of students control how much you pay for housing) but I will not bore you with those details. That is for your research time and not mine.

The Center for Student Development (CSD) is a department that works with the SGA coordinating, you guess it, the development of student activities such as RSOs like ourselves. Club advisors work here and can be met with by setting up meetings at the reception office, located on the first floor of the student union above the hatch food court. Also, this is where we make meetings for purchase orders to use money in our account with either a check, online payment, or credit card (SASP card).

If anyone is interested in how RSOs or the mentioned departments work feel free to ask in person. I can't take the time to write it all down in e-mail form or over AIM.


At 10:19 AM, Anonymous said...

Hey, I am an Amherst College student and have done a lot of paintball in highschool and over the summers but the reason I am contacting you is actually because I want to get some pictures of you guys playing. I am in a photo class and wanted to get a set of pictures of the culture around paintball. If you guys are playing this weekend or know a good place not too far from here that I could get pictures of this weekend that would be great. Could you give me a call at 314-401-7668 and my name is Alex. Thanks.


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