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April 13, 2005 Post

The UMASS Paintball Club has officially taken home its first trohpy from the National Collegiate Paintball Association at Matt's Outback Paintball in Coventry, Connecticut this past Saturday. The Northeast Intercollegiate Division includes all teams from the states of New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, and New Jersey. Participants included Alex Baker, Dan Scholten, Cole Hubacz, Patrick Clark, myself (el presidente), David Watt, Andrew Franco, and Tom Buckley. A big thanks goes to everyone who played at this event to make this possible

The Umass Recreational Paintball Field will be tested this weekend (sunday the 17th) to get recreational play back up to speed. The field has been inactive for quite some time due to the New England weather. Equipment will be limited to about four rental model 98 customs and gear. Paintballs will not be available for sale since we don't have the time to get it here by then. Hopefully next weekend will bring us good fortune with some scuba tanks, paint boxes, and more players. If you want to play just show up around noonish and there should be someone there taking care of things.

A big disappointment comes from our SGA Way and Means Comittee! The budgets for the 2005-2006 year have not yet been completed and have no sign of showing up any time soon. With only a month left of school you would think they would come in by now. According to a representative of the Ways and Means they should be in "soon" but it appears we will have to make quite an appeal since they did not understand a word of our requests. It would seem that most people are very unaware of the growth in paintball's popularity so they are about to receive Paintball 101 in the coming weeks. He seemed impressed after a few minutes of chit chat so things are looking good.

That's all folks.

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