Objectivism's Impact

ARI MediaLink
The Ayn Rand Institute's new Op/Ed campaign!

The Committee for the Moral Defense of Microsoft
An organization defending the right of Microsoft
--and all businesses--to property and profit.

Ayn Rand: a sense of life
An Academy Award-nominated documentary about Ayn Rand's life.

The Campaign Against Servitude
Objectivists oppose President Clinton's call
for voluntary slavery for young people.
See what we've done and what we are going to do.

Pictures from the Protest Against Servitude
A multitude of pictures from last year's protest
of President Clinton's "Summit on America's Future"

Leonard Peikoff's Radio Show--Philosophy: Who Needs It
Dr. Leonard Peikoff's national radio show,
which promotes and discusses rational approaches
to today's cultural and political problems.

The Rational Basis of Happiness with Dr. Ellen 
A radio show hosted by Objectivist psychologist
Dr. Ellen Kenner. Listen LIVE via the Internet!

The Association of Objectivist 
Applying Objectivism to world of business.

Capitalism Magazine
An online publication defending the
virtues of a free society

Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty Site
Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty Bodybuilding Site
Mike Mentzer, a former Mr. Olympia, is an Objectivist
who has applied his knowledge of Objectivist epistemology
to produce "the only valid theory of bodybuilding science"
and has achieved fantastic practical results.

American Renaissance for the Twenty-First Century
Promoting Romantic Realism in art.

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