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MassPIRG has been active on the UMass Amherst campus for more than thirty years and is consistently one of the most active Registered Student Organizations for the past three decades. We offer volunteer positions as well as internships. If you have more than 45 credits completed, you can even get credit for one of the incredibly flexible internships we offer! We provide training in public speaking, community outreach, public relations and so much more.  Aside from being a great way to build your resume, MassPIRG is a great way to meet incredible people and get involved in the Amherst community. A lot of students think that hunger and homelessness is such a large commitment that they couldn't possibly make a difference. MassPirg will show you that even the smallest effort can make a difference. Come and learn more about what you can do to help!

Our Mission...

As college students, we are about to face big problems when we graduate from global warming to endangered species, from the escalating cost and declining quality of health care to the plight of the hungry and homeless.

Every campus has its share of apathy, but students care about these problems. And more than any other group of people, we have the time, the energy, the intelligence, the resources and the idealism to help solve them. But will we? After all, colleges and universities teach students to become effective doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer programmers, entrepreneurs, managers and the like. But they don't really teach us to become effective citizens. And effective citizenship is what it takes to shake up the status quo and get decision-makers to act on big social problems.

That's where the Massachusetts Student Public Interest Research Group, or MASSPIRG, comes in.

Students who have been involved with MASSPIRG campus chapters have not only learned how to investigate a problem and come up with a practical solution. We've also learned how to convince the media and decision-makers to pay attention and take action.

In other words, through MASSPIRG we gain an educational experience in democratic citizenship. In addition, we get a chance to face up to society's big problems, take action, and win concrete changes that improve the quality of our lives.

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