Inside the Hospital

In an area close to the 'center' basement this thick wooden door's heart shaped, metal grate window disturbs the imagination.  What was this room used for?

           People have been inside the hospital and told stories.  A friend was kind enough to allow me to scan these images and tell me the stories behind them and the building itself.  Here are a few pieces of interesting information.  A warning to all of those who wish to enter the building.  This is State Property which is Posted.  Entering the building is illegal and yes, there is security watching the building.  If you think lightly of the law I will also tell you this. The building is Dangerous, in many ways.  The roof is caving in. There is probably lead paint everywhere and asbestos removal bags have been found in the building.  Also squatters and homeless people tend to dwell in the building, don't think your alone.  And most of all, the buildings are LARGE and most of the windows are covered up! It's Pitch black in many places and the building was designed lets just say, uniquely. It's not the type of place you want to get lost in.  I recommend you stay out and just admire the architecture from outside.   

a seemingly endless tunnel deep within the hospitals' catacombs

       Some say that the building has become a living entity of unusual power.  It breaths,  It talks to you.  Water leaks drip into puddles causing monstrous echoes to mutate into voices, footsteps, or a rhythmic pulse.  "You see things in there, you feel things."  Stories of those who have lived and worked in the hospital, Evidence of the past creeps up on you.  Whether it's the building itself or ghosts... you are not alone.

        The main building is extremely large.  It has a vault, a morgue, a craft center, basketball court and many other special areas as well as a high number of small rooms made for containing human beings who where treated any way but humane.  There are other buildings on the grounds all of which are supposedly connected by underground tunnels.  All of the tunnels are supposed to link to the basement of the main building which is quite maze like and seems to go deeper than two levels.  

         Inside there are a large number of artifacts remaining.  Fold up beds, booklets, clothing, medical equipment (whose beneficial qualities are questionable).  A long time ago, before the vault was emptied, a friend was inside and found a report written while the hospital was open.  A Doctor was watching one of the nurses slowly go insane while working at the hospital!  

Each room holds ghostly memories which do not die easy.

        The State Hospital is a monument.  It represents a dark piece of history.  It's rise and fall describe yet another attempt to control the minds of others.  When therapy becomes corrupt and causes more damage.  The Hospital should not be forgotten.  People want to destroy the hospital,  I think it should be restored as a museum of our past.  Let the truth be known. 

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