Welcome to the official Umass Jiu Jitsu Website!

This is the official website for Brazilian, and Japanese Jiu Jitsu at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Umass Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on facebook

UMass BJJ Instructor Dave Roy from New England Submission Fighting (NESF)

UMass Traditional Jiu Jitsu on facebook (free classes)

You may join UMass Jiu Jitsu at any time as a beginner or at any experience level. The club is open to UMass undergraduates, graduates, faculty & guests, as well as visitors from other universities.

To join the club you MUST follow the links under the "Join UMass Jiu Jitsu" tab.

Complete BOTH the UMass Liability Waiver (please include an emergency contact with the waiver,) and the UMass Alcohol & Hazing Agreement.

Also, follow the Campus Pulse link. You will be redirected to the login, use your UMail id and password. After login you will be redirected to our page on Campus Pulse where you can officially join our organization.

We are required by UMass Student Affairs to have everyone that participates at Umass Jiu Jitsu on the Campus Pulse roster, and to have the records of the waiver & hazing agreement, so please complete these steps so that we don't have to do it (and we will) during pracitces.


Get in the loop and join us on facebook and Twitter, at the "Links" page, and find recommended gear for practice.

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