Pictures from the 7th Annual Haitian Student Conference 2004


Pictures from HASACASA 2003

Haitian American Student association

Dedicated since 1984 to provide cultural, educational, and social enrichment to the students of the University and to secure and share knowledge about Haiti, her history, culture, people and beauty.

Our purpose is to meet the needs of Haitian descent at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst through:

v   Provision of academic support

v   Familiarizing new students with available resources at the University

v   The creation of a community within which we can embrace and nurture our cultural identities.


We aim to provide the campus community with knowledge of our goals by:

v  Holding seminars and lectures for educational purposes


v  Coordinating and executing social events


v  Having meetings and membership to all who wish to be educated about our culture


v Strengthening the system of support to descendants of the African Diaspora

Visit office at

404 Student Union,

Call 413-545-3405 or email