HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 5:00-11:30
PHONE: (413) 545-2380
WE ACCEPT: UCard, YCMP & Cash Money

Greeno Sub Shop is a student run, non-profit, organization. That being said, its a group of us students coming together with a common goal of giving the best we can to our customers. This has been through supporting locally grown produce as well as other unique groups such as Peacetones, creating a friendly environment to feel comfortable in, and most importantly on keeping stomachs full and satisfied.




We Accept: UCard, YCMP (not flex swipes) & Cash Money

Store Hours: 5:00 PM - 11:30 PM, Sunday - Thursday

Questions? Email us at greenosn@stuaf.umass.edu or call us at 545-2380

Our door is the back door of Greenough Dormitory, located off of the Upper Central Quad at UMass Campus. Our parking lot on the side of Greenough dorm and our bike rack is located in front of our shop.


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