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Beginner's and returners feel free to come. We will be planning trips for the semester and answering any other questions that people may have. Here is a link to a webcam up at MorningSide flight park where we will be training at. As always send us an email to request to be added to our emailing list so you can be updated on events and meetings that will be held.

As a little kid, we're sure you've always dreamed of flying. Nothing is quite like the flight of a glider. It is the closest thing to being a bird. Taking a deep breath you yell, "Clear", and run toward the end of the launch. The ground quickly drops from under your feet. You look around, and finally remember to exhale, you are flying. Now, you look out at the clouds, find a big puffy white one and aim toward it, catch the thermals and circle your way up to cloud base. With your original launch far behind you, you look around again, where do you want to soar? The sky is the limit...

Beginner's Weekend '01