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The Game Hobbyists' League, more commonly referred to as the GHL, is a UMass Student Organization that helps Gamers at UMass to use campus resources for their gaming needs. The GHL holds gaming meetings twice a week in the UMass Campus Center, every Wednesday night from 7 to 12 and every Saturday from 1 to 5. To find the room check the daily schedule by the elevator or at the Information Desk. For the latest information, join our Yahoo Group. You can also email us at, although that email address tends to get checked sporadically

The GHL also has an officce in room 423A of the Student Union. It's a great place to hang out between classes.

HOT!!! OurCon - The Five College Area Gaming Convention is comming in May
Each spring the club holds a gaming convention in the campus center known as OurCon. This year the convention will be held on May 4-6th. There is a lot to be excited about as we have multiple guest speakers, a magic tournament run by x9, and loads of cool RPGs being run. There will also be a video game room set up with a Wii and XBOX 360. There are a number of Ourcon related forms and a scheduel on the sidebar.

The Games of the GHL

A common question asked of us is what games do we play? Well the answer to this greatly depends on our membership each year. The GHL is run by it's members for it's members, thus the games we run evolve as our membership changes over the years.

At the meetings we've primarilly been playing board games. Popular games include Bang!, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Magic: The Gathering, Tigris & Euphrates, and many more.

Also, though currently none are being run at meetings, many of us in the GHL play Roleplaying games. Dungeons and Dragons, BESM, Unknown Armies, and Exalted are all popular. So if you're looking to run or play in a good roleplaying game the GHL is a great place to meet adventurers and game masters of all sorts.

Important OURCON forms

Games and Guests
GM Sheets
Vendor Registration
Dealer Policy

Cool Mailing Lists

GHL Info
Amherst Gaming
UMass Anime
UMass SciFi
UMass Comic Art

Local Gameshops

bullet Phoenix Games
bullet Modern Myths
bullet Space Crime Continuum
bullet Griffon Games

The GHL does not officially endorse any store and highly recommends that you try to visit them all.

Other Clubs

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Excalibur at Hampshire
United Fan Con

Gaming Links

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