Umass Learn to Fence Program!

About the program

The Learn to Fence program here at Umass is a great opportunity for anyone of any skill level to come join us and meet the team to learn about fencing. In the "Novice Progam" as we like to call it, we teach anyone interested the three main components to fencing over a 4 week period consisting of two days of practice a week. We like to use fun and engaging drills to keep everyone interested while still learning a great deal about the sport! We also like to keep small groups that work together making sure everyone is able to participate! BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!!
The three main components that we teach during the Novice Program are
Footwork - By the end of the program, fencers will have learned: en guard, advance, retreat, lunge, advanced lunge, double advance, double retreat, inverse, appel, half advance, half retreat, and cross overs.
Bladework - After footwork is learned, the fencers learn: straight attacks, beat attacks, parry ripostes, disengages, and fleches. These are all vital skills to learn and master before the final stage
Fencing - The last thing learned in the Novice Program is how to fence in bouts, this includes but isn't limited to: Right of way (foil and sabre), directing bouts, terminology, and strip etiquette.

What to bring

Our program requires you to bring nothing other than yourself! All gear required for fencing will be provided to you from our armory conveniently located right inside the rec center! Although we dont require you to bring anything, we suggest you wear long athletic pants or shorts with knee high socks and sneakers.


The cost to particpate in our Novice Program is a one time, 5$ fee. What this gets you is 8 nights of fencing in total with our coach and experienced fencers teaching, access to all our gear for use during the practices, and the great thing about our program is that once completed, you get to then integrate right in with the team, and will have the ability to fence four nights a week like a competative member does!

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