Umass Competitions 2017-2018

Fall 2017

This fall we have two competitions that we will be attending as a team.
The Big One - The Big One is the NEIFC fall invitational tournament. We like to use the big one as a chance for new fencers who just finished the Novice Program to get a chance at fencing other fencers. It a great event and is alot of fun!
NFC 1 - This year NFC 1 is being held at Brown University in Providence, RI. This is the first of three Northeast Fencing Conferences during the season.

Spring 2018

This Spring we have four competitions that we will be attending as a team.
University of Florida Scrimmage - This year, UFlorida has asked us and a few other teams to participate in a scrimmage at Boston University, the event is the day before NFC 2, which we do not attend so its a great opportunity for us to get some fencing practice in before the NFC 3 later in the month. The hopes are that this becomes an annual occurance!
NFC 3 - NFC 3 will be held at Smith College in Northhampton MA this year
NEIFC - Club Nationals placement is decided at the New England Intercollegiate Fencing Conference
Club Nationals- Club Nationals, the last hoo-rah we have as a team every year before we all buckle ourselves in for finals. This year it's being held in Knoxville, TN and every year its a great time for team bonding and fun road trips
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