Team overview

The Umass Fencing Team is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) on campus– therefore a club sport– but the team competes at the varsity level against schools from all over New England, as well as in a national competition each spring. In the various leagues that Umass participates in, team members compete against a diverse range of schools- some with similar club programs while others have NCAA programs. While we compete at the collegiate level as a team, we do encourage our fencers to participate in USFA events.

Fencers of various skill levels are members of the team. Some come to Umass with pervious fencing experience, but most members have joined the team through our Novice Program, having no experience beforehand. All new team members, with or without experience, must participate in the Novice Program before they are integrated with the Varsity Program: please see the Learn to fence section for more information. Squad captains choose starters for team competitions, and selection is based on several factors including: skill, technique, attendance, and seniority.

Competitive / Associate Schedule

Day Time Location
Monday 8:30-10:15 PM Rec Center Armory
Tuesday 7:15-10:00 PM Rec Center Armory (Associate)
Friday 7:15-9:45 PM Rec Center Armory
Sunday 5:45-8:45 PM Rec Center Armory (Associate)


Competitive Membership -- Dues: $150.00/semester

For those students who want the opportunity to fence in team competitions. This membership includes use of room and team equipment, ability to receive private lessons from our coach, voting privileges in team elections, and the ability to elected as a team officer or squad captian. Students with competitive membership are expected to attend practice all four nights a week, be available for team competitions, as well as participate in fundraising.

Associate Membership -- Dues: $75.00/semester

For those people looking for fencing on a casual basis and not interested in competing, This option is ideal for graduate students in the Five-College area, faculty, and students whose schedules do not allow them to make a commitment to the competitive program. Assoociate membership includes use of the fencing facilities and equipment, attendance at two of the four designated associate practices every week and are allowed to compete at the Big One!

Novice Program -- Dues: 5$!

See the Learn to fence section for more information.
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