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The success of your business depends on YOU.  Do you feel that you have all the skills you need to contribute positively to your collective?  The CSB has put together some workshops and trainings to enhance the skills you bring and to make your contributions sparkle even more.

You can access these workshops in several ways:

  • You can take the training at the Workshop Desk in the Director’s Office.

  • You can take Orientation, Signature Responsibility and Cash Management  by clicking on icons below.

  • You can schedule a workshop for your committee or All Staff.

If you have other preferences or requests, let us know.  Some workshops, like hiring or catering, are better done with the Hiring Committee or Catering Committee because each business has their own culture.  Just let us know.


New Comanager Orientation

New Comanager Orientation

All new co-managers hired during the first month of the semester are introduced to the student businesses in an All-Business new co-manager orientation. This conveys general student business information such as how to get paid, Student Business Cooperative Principles of participatory management, fundamental values and themes.

Ada Hays missed the CSB orientation her first semester in Earthfoods. When she attended the second semester session, she said, I'm so glad I came, this is great. But I wish I had come first semester because this would have answered so many questions and cleared up a lot of confusion."

Students at Orientation

Students at Orientation

In the last option, comanagers can form a group of students interested in a workshop topic and ask the CSB for a special intensive training. This can be scheduled within an all staff meeting or a time convenient to students.


Required Workshops Audience Link to Training Quiz
Signature Responsibility Payroll Managers, Bookkeepers, Procard holders, Consultants, Organizational Specialist SR Slideshow Request a ticket for the OWL Quiz for Signature Responsibility
Cashout Cashout Committee and/or anyone who handles cash Cash Management Slideshow Request a ticket for the OWL Quiz for Cash Management
CSB Orientation New Comanagers Orientation Slideshow  
Required Training Audience
Procard Procard Holders
Bookkeeping Bookkeepers
Payroll Payroll Managers
Recommended Workshops Audience
Hiring Hiring Committee
Inventory & Purchasing I & P Comanagers
Facilitation Required for anyone who wants to lead a meeting
Catering Catering Committees
Marketing & Advertising Advertising Committee
Dot/Star Dot/Star Committee
Customer Service Comanagers
Workshops Available on Request
Pricing Mediation Team-Building Goals
Diversity Co-op Management History of Co-ops