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Use the Help/Quick Start tutorial on the SAITS Time home page for help with setting up your account and your job profile. If you don't get to the screen that says SUCCESS!


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Q & A

Q. For New CoManagers: When do I fill out payroll paperwork?

A. As soon as you are hired, you will receive a checklist with three tasks. Download and complete all forms and turn them in at the Center for Student Business within 72 hours at 406 Student Union. If this is your first job on campus, you will be required to show your PASSPORT or the following: your drivers license or Ucard and social security card or original birth certificate. Bring unexpired ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS only, photocopies or faxed images are not acceptable.

Q. How do I enter my Payroll Hours?

A. All payroll hours for the current week must be entered and submitted by Noon on Friday of that week. Follow the instructions given in the Help/Quick Start Tutorial on the SAITS Time Website:

Q. What is the DEADLINE for entering the current week payroll hours?

A. Every Friday at 12:00 Noon

Q. What if I miss the deadline?

A. Those who miss the deadline may not be paid on time and a $10 fee will be assessed to the business for each late pay submitted. Email the hours to your Payroll Manager.

Q. Where and when can I pick up my biweekly paycheck?

A. You are expected to use Direct Deposit.  If not, paychecks are no longer available to be picked up. On payday, if you don’t have Direct Deposit, paychecks are mailed to the address that Human Resources has on file.

Q.  What happens if my paycheck is not in my direct deposit?

A. First, investigate further in HR Direct.  If the deposit has been made, contact your bank to see when it will be availbe in your account.  If not, contact Human Resources to find out the issue at  413.545.6113 or 545.6110.