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Common Co-manager Questions

Below is a list of questions we often receive from co-managers. If your question isn't answered here, please visit the contact page and get in touch with us.

  1. Untangling Newsletters
  2. Reporting Deadlines
  3. Making a Purchase
  4. Making Arrangements
  5. Our Account & Cash Handling
  6. Meal Plans & UCard
  7. Inside the CSB
  8. Miscellaneous

Untangling Newsletters



Reporting Deadlines

  • What are the reporting deadlines that must be met?
    All financial transactions from the previous month must be entered into the computer by the 3rd of each month. For instance, all April transactions must be entered by May 3. However, it is recommended that revenues, expenses and payroll are entered on a weekly basis.
  • Does this include just the bookkeeping?
    No, all financial transactions must be entered into Quickbooks and all the forms that are related to the book-keeping must be recorded. This includes the following:
    • cashout records
    • register discrepancy forms
    • billing forms (for CD&C and catering in the food businesses)
    • inventory logs
    • sales tracking
    • invoices
    • procard purchases
    • vending & event log
  • What happens if we miss the deadlines?
    In the event that inventory, register discrepancy and billing reports are not entered into the CSB network, the business will be subject to a $50 fine. This money is donated to the B.o.S.B. and not kept by the CSB.

Making a Purchase

  • How do we buy something?
    There are two ways to make a purchase:
    1. Ask your bookkeeper to open a Purchase Order by filling out a Purchase Request form (you can get these in the CSB or on the CSD Campus Pulse website). You MUST have signing authority to open a P.O. Your Purchase Order will take at least 2-3 days to process. Once you receive the P.O., you can place orders using the P.O. number. Invoices will be mailed to the CSB, where your bookkeeper will enter it into the computer, make a copy of the invoice, stamp the original, and finally submit it to your Account Specialist in the Center for Student Development for payment.
    2. Each business' Procard-holder can make a purchase, the same way you would with a personal credit card. Make sure to keep all receipts and documentation since businesses will be audited. For most businesses Procard use is limited to emergency purchases since you will always pay a higher price when you shop retail than you would if you purchased in bulk from one of your vendors.
    DO NOT spend your own cash
  • How can I transfer money from one business to another?
    Ask your bookkeeper fill out an Interactivity Recharge request. Signing authority required. If payment is for catering, be sure to have the form filled out and signed by the customer before the catering event occurs.
  • How can I get a refund or reimbursement?
    Bring all paperwork to the Program Coordinator or the Administrative Coordinator. This can only be done with prior approval.
  • How do we get a Procard in our business?
    Each business may have one person with a Procard. The card may not be shared with anyone. It is recommended that a new Procard person be someone who intends to stay in the business for at least four semesters.
  • How can we make a purchase at the UStore?
    The UStore accepts the Procard.
  • We are thinking about buying an expensive piece of equipment (over $100). How should we proceed?
    First, work with your group to develop a price you THINK you might pay. Second, contact your consultant to see if the idea is feasible. Third, start gathering prices from potential vendors (please work with the Program Coordinator and the Administrative coordinator on this step). If there is a contract in place, you will be required to use a contracted vendor (i.e. equipment, printing etc). For equipment over $5,000, a bid will be required (this will take several weeks). Fourth, with prices and a budget in hand, present your findings to the group. If the group agrees to make the purchase, come to the CSB and fill out the required paperwork.
  • We need to have some work done in our business. How can we do that?
    If your business is in the Student Union, you will need to fill out a Work Order with the Administrative coordinator. Changing locks, carpentry request, electrical requests, etc. will be processed through the CSB. Because the snack bars are located in residence halls, you will make those requests through Housing. Please keep the CSB informed.

Making Arrangements

  • How can we get space in the campus center for a meeting?
    The person(s) in your group with signing authority should visit the Events Office website or go to their office in 819 Campus Center.
  • How can I make an appointment with someone in The Center for Student Development?
    Visit the SORC (Student Organization Resource Center) 208 Student Union, next to the Craft Center to make an appointment.
  • How can we make arrangements for an inspection by Environmental Health and Safety?
    Contact Larry Davis at 545-2682 for an inspection.

Our Account & Cash Handling

  • How can we check our account balance?
    Contact your business' consultant. He or she will have this information.
  • How can we get an authorization for Cash Drawer Advance?
    A co-manager with Signature Responsibility goes to the CSB and gets the Cash Drawer Advance Form, fills it out, signs it and asks a CSB advisor to sign it. Then they bring it to the Center for Student Development Business Center for signing, and pick up your deposit bag.
  • What happens if we lose a bank deposit bag?
    There is a $50 replacement fee for any lost bags. See your Purchasing Coordinator in the Center for Student Development for further instruction.
  • How do we deposit a check?
    Document it on your daily deposit form. Write your speed type, account code and the customer's phone number in the upper left corner on the face of the check. Do not write on or stamp the back of the check. Then bring your deposit to the Campus Center Cashier's Office (across from the Campus Center Auditorium).
  • How does cashout work?
    It is important that you keep everything (register tape for that day etc…). All money must go into a bank deposit bag. Fill out the deposit slip and make your deposit. All paperwork should be stapled to the carbon copy of the deposit slip and stored in the CSB filing cabinets for 3 years. If there are any discrepancies of $20 or more, a report must be filed in the CSB.

Working with Meal Plans/UCard

  • We have a question about or a problem with Ucard/YCMP.
    Please contact your consultant first, then contact the Program Coordinator or the Administrative coordinator.

Inside the CSB

  • I need to do some work after the CSB has closed. How can I do that?
    Unless you are a book-keeper, all work must be done from 9am to 5pm. Book-keepers, there is a key that you can access after hours. To get the locker combination, you must visit the Administrative coordinator and sign a release form.
  • How do I access the computer at the CSB?
    You will need to fill out the Computer Login Contract which is available here. See the Administrative Coordinator in CSB.
  • I am having a problem with the computer. What should I do?
    Should you have any computer related questions or concerns please see the Administrative Coordinator in CSB. Please include as much information as possible such as the workstation you were using and the date & time of the problem.


  • How can I get a long distance calling code?
    To request a long distance code, fill out the form in the SORC and give it to the receptionist. The Resource Center is open from 10am - 5p.m. Please do not use this method to make personal calls. However if you do make a personal call, you will be required to reimburse your business.
  • What is the Board of Student Business (BoSB)?
    The mission of the Board of Student Businesses is to serve as a support network between businesses and provide a forum within which representatives can discuss student business issues. Each business may send two members to these meetings.
  • What is NASCO?
    NASCO stands for North American Students of Cooperation. For an annual fee, the student businesses are members of this organization. Every November, the Board of Student Businesses organizes a trip to The University of Michigan in order to take part in the conference. The cost of this conference is around $190 per person for dues paying members. See their website at
  • We are thinking about adjusting our prices. How should we proceed?
    It is important that each business evaluate their prices every year. With the help of your consultant, you should analyze the cost or materials and labor that go into each item. Then, take that data and apply a standard markup so the business will have money for repairs and improvements.
  • How can I mail something?
    To send mail, for both on campus and off campus, see the receptionist in the Resource Center (below the CSB Office) between 10 am - 5 p.m. You do not need stamps for mail that is business related. Write your speed key under the return address on each piece that will go off campus and once a month the expense will be recharged to your account.