Wall of Fame: 2005 through 2012

This display honors various co-managers and consultants who have won awards in Student Affairs.

Patrick Brown Exemplary
Co-Manager Award

Alyssa Staples with VC Jean Kim, 2011


Jon Sivel 2010

Paul Creedon,
Sweets 'N More, 2006
Terry Dion, Sylvan Snack Bar, 2005
Max Taylor, People's Mkt, 2007
Sweets 'N More, 2009
Greetchen Jeremie,
Campus Design & Copy, 2008
UMass 21st Century Leadership Award
Ronak Dave, CSB, 2005
Rachel Mandel,
People's Market,
Gerald F. Scanlon Award

Ronak Dave, CSB, 2005 pictured above

Andrew Considine 2012

Andrew Considine 2012


Candice Kakar, CSB, 2007 with Chancellor and Vice Chancellor
Eunice R. Konieczny Student
Leadership Award
Christina Gandolfo, CSB, 2004
Scott Hsu, People's Market, 2007
Laura Valente, CSB, 2009
Julia Kristan, Earthfoods, 2005
Erik Hedblom, CSB, 2008
UMass Alumni Association
Leadership Award
Keri Davis,
CSB, 2005
Dana Giffin,
CSB, 2009
Photo credit: UMass Alumni Association
Diane Michaelis,
CSB, 2005
Center for Student Development
Sammie Awards
Best Student Business, 2007
People's Market
Best Student Business, 2008 Sylvan Snack Bar
Best Student Business, 2009
Greeno Sub Shop

Community Service Award for an Individual, 2009
Krysten Moore, Sweets 'N More
Director's Awards
Dave Sperry , CSB, 2007
"Think 'N More"
Promoting Innovative thinking at
Alysssa Buotte and Terry Dion, 2008
For 4 years of excellent leadership
Sarah Shepherd
Campus Design and Copy, 2007
For an Innovative idea: Recycled
Kevin Cotreau
CSB, 2009


Jen Tuttle, 2011

Sudhir Radhakrishna, 2012


2007 Commencement Speaker
Alison Briggs, Sweets 'n More

Q&A with Alison Briggs

Graduating senior Alison Briggs, this year's Commencement speaker, is a native of Sharon, Mass., with a double major in sociology and psychology, and a minor in education. She has been a Resident Assistant in the Grayson/Field cluster in the Orchard Hill residential area for the past two years and has worked as co-manager of Sweets & More Snack Bar, a student-run co-op and non-profit business in the Field lounge, since she was a freshman. As a senior, Briggs was a research assistant in the psychology department. For the Five College Relay for Life in April, Briggs was captain of Team Awesome, a group of 20 UMass Amherst students who raised nearly $900 for cancer research.